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The Jonville Team: Creating Success with Consistency

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated March 11, 2022 4 min read

Meet the Jonville Team

The Jonville Team is a real estate company with an infinite drive for success and a strong understanding of how to achieve it.

The Jonville Team began searching for a brokerage to work with. They were seeking one that had strong branding and was hyperlocal to North County San Diego. They found that in Keller Williams Realty (KW). By becoming associated with Keller Williams Realty, the Jonville Team is backed by the number one real estate company worldwide with over 175,000 agents.

The Jonville Team shines at Keller Williams. Currently, they are ranked the number one KW real estate team in North County San Diego. Additionally, they are ranked the number one KW real estate team in Southern California. Also, they are ranked the number 28 KW real estate team worldwide. Each of these accolades is measured by the sales volume and number of transactions per the San Diego MLS.

13 high-caliber agents each hold insurmountable experience and a hyper-knowledge about the cities and neighborhoods they serve. As a result, their systematic approach allows them to maintain a high success rate with clients.

Nicolas and Jena Jonville credit their team’s success to their warm and approachable agents. These agents remain well-trained and tech-savvy. In an industry that tends to fall behind in new technology, the Jonville Team stands out. With their repertoire of superior automated tools, clients who use the Jonville team can expect a smooth and efficient experience from start to close.

The Creation of the Jonville Team

Nicolas Jonville was born and raised in France. In 1998, he relocated to the United States as the VP of Sales for a French skincare company. He was tasked to revamp their business on the West Coast.

After extensive traveling, flying two to three times a week to meet clients, Nicolas wanted to find opportunities for growth in his own city of San Diego. His drive to build strong client relationships heightened the desire to stay localized in his next endeavor.

Nicolas and his wife, Jena, began to study the real estate industry. As a result, they saw that the market offered exactly what they were looking for. These things were growth, client relations, and community engagement.

Before the Jonville Team grew to what it is today, it was Nicolas and Jena. Nicolas managed the marketing while Jena increased their client-base as the licensed agent. Within the first nine months, Nicolas earned his real estate license.

Building a Brand

Nicolas knew that in order to succeed in the real estate industry, he needed to have strong brand recognition. Also, he needed an exceptional team of agents and high-quality consistency in all things.

real estate photography

The Jonville Team built a strong brand with their association to Keller Williams. Also, their brand includes their superior technology platform, and their experienced agents. They also added another brand booster: their partnership with Virtuance Real Estate Photography.

Virtuance is the Jonville Team’s exclusive real estate photography vendor, shooting over 400 listings for the Jonville Team agents. Virtuance solved a number of pain points for the Jonville Team. Nicolas previously worked with a vendor that did not consistently deliver high-quality results. He was also unhappy with the time frame of delivery. For example, he felt that there were too many variations from shoot to shoot as the photography vendor’s company grew.

real estate photography
real estate photography

The Jonville Team and Virtuance share similar ideologies about what drives a successful business. Virtuance offers consistently high-quality listing images with a guaranteed delivery window.

exterior image of real estate home

The Results

The Partnership with Virtuance has assisted the Jonville Team with exceptional results:

  • Increase in showings by an estimated 50%
  • Improved reduction in DOM by 30%
  • The average contract price is now 2.5% above the competition
  • Increase in multiple offers
  • Increase in referrals

Success with Consistency

Nicolas and Jena’s client-oriented mentality established a strong foundation for the Jonville Team. They believe in consistency: from the initial launch to today, an award-winning Keller Williams brokerage.

The Jonville Team raises the bar with consistent results credited to ambitious and knowledgeable agents, intuitive technology platforms, and their professional real estate photography vendor. Virtuance Real Estate Photography further elevated the Jonville Team’s brand and growth by increasing listing wins, increasing showings, increasing the number of offers, and decreasing the days on market.

Nicolas sees success with consistency due to their proven systems in place for clients  resulting in transactions that close with higher sales prices and fewer days on the market.

The Jonville Team, since the 2015  partnership with Virtuance, has consistently beat the market average each and every year.

This partnership with Virtuance allows the Jonville Team to showcase its brand as a superior agency that produces successful results for their clients every time.