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7 Tools to Write Stellar Listing Descriptions

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated September 21, 2022 3 min read

A well-written listing description entices motivated buyers to schedule a showing. While professional real estate images pull most of the weight in marketing a listing, consider the description icing on the cake. 

Successful listing descriptions highlight the best features while telling a story in illustrative detail. It’s tempting to quickly type out the home’s stats and move on, but a beautifully drafted narrative can up your real estate game.

There are several tools online for real estate agents who wish to improve their listing descriptions. We found seven promising applications you can try today: 


Grammarly is a free browser-based writing assistant for anyone looking to improve their grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery. While the free application offers enough features to get by, the business plan takes a user’s writing to another level. 

With a business plan, you can create goals for your writing. This feature is an excellent perk for drafting listing descriptions. You can toggle your audience, formality, domain, and intent with Grammarly’s goals feature. 

The intent is especially important for writing a superb listing description. Grammarly allows you to decide if you intend to describe, inform, convince, or tell a story to your audience. 

The most remarkable thing about Grammarly is that it helps you strengthen your writing over time. With regular use, you’ll make fewer mistakes and discover your writing style.

Headline Analyzer 

Headline Analyzer from the Advanced Marketing Institute is a free tool that determines your headline’s EMV score. EMV or Emotional Marketing Value refers to how well your marketing influences and relates to people’s emotions. 

When writing a listing description, it’s vital to appeal to a potential buyer’s emotions. A thought-provoking headline is a great starting point. Headline Analyzer is easy to use. Just plug in the headline or first sentence of your listing description and let the application analyze your words. 

Based on the amount of EMV words used, Headline Analyzer will rate your headline and tell you if your headline leans more intellectual, emotional, or spiritual. 

Hemmingway App

Like Grammarly, Hemmingway App analyzes your writing to suggest edits for comprehension, clarity, and common spelling mistakes. Hemmingway App helps you cut the fluff and highlight the important text in your writing. 

Hemmingway App is one of the best writing tools for business owners, real estate professionals, and marketers. Using Hemmingway will make your writing more concise and enjoyable to read. 

Twinword Writer

Twinword Writer is a writing and editing web application with a built-in thesaurus. The app allows writers to highlight their text and select more interesting synonyms. 

To use Twinword Writer, you can either copy/paste your listing description draft or type up your listing description within the app. 


If you have multiple real estate listings, Trello is a must-use tool. With Trello, you can organize your listings on project cards with your ideas, notes, and listing description drafts. 

Additionally, Trello helps you stay focused with a Kanban-style workflow table. As you begin your listing’s marketing campaign, you will move the listing task card from To Do to Doing to Done. 

Some listings take more time to draft an excellent and informative description. Trello is a great tool for compiling listing details before writing the winning narrative.


Sometimes you need to write and publish a listing description fast. And there’s nothing worse than writer’s block messing up your flow. Enter Coffitivity. This online ambient noise app’s goal is simple: to help your write better. 

Initially a side project, Coffitivity offers users three free workflow noise streams, including Morning Murmer, Lunchtime Lounge, and University Undertones. If you’re the type of real estate professional who is more productive with a bit of background noise, give Coffitivity a shot. 

Power Thesaurus 

Power Thesaurus is the perfect web app to search for single-word synonyms. The platform is community-driven, which helps provide users with well-rounded results. You can see which words are trending and which were just searched by other users. 

Once you input a word to search, Power Thesaurus produces a hearty list of results. Not only does it show common synonyms, but it also provides mutual and unique synonyms of the listed synonyms. With that said, this app may be a little overwhelming for new writers. As long as you don’t go down a thesaurus rabbit hole, this app can significantly improve your writing. 

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