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Ideas for Luxury Real Estate Marketing in 2022

By Alexandra Carver Last Updated November 22, 2022 3 min read

A luxury real estate listing often requires you to sell the lifestyle that comes with it. If you’re working to establish yourself in the luxury real estate market, you know you’ve got to go big or go home with your marketing strategies!

What can you do to ensure your listings stand out from the competition? Read on to learn more about luxury property marketing strategies and how they can impress and encourage luxury home buyers to, well, buy!

Why is luxury real estate marketing important?

Luxury real estate marketing is much like marketing for luxury goods. You want to elevate the property and highlight key features that make it more desirable than other luxury listings on the market.

Additionally, luxury buyers want an experience that captures their full attention. You can’t skimp on your marketing efforts if you want your luxury listing truly shine!

Luxury real estate marketing strategies can help increase your exposure and sell your listings faster, so you’ll be better off researching and implementing them within your marketing efforts.

Is luxury real estate marketing different from traditional real estate marketing? 

While specific strategies for luxury real estate marketing may look different from traditional marketing, both are looking to do one crucial thing—cater to a target audience!

No matter what market you’ve chosen to work in, you’ll have to consider what your buyers prioritize and what will best capture their attention and pique their interests.

Luxury real estate marketing strategies

Now that you understand why luxury real estate marketing is important, what strategies can you utilize to up your real estate game?

Here are six valuable ways you can elevate your marketing prowess and quickly sell your luxury listings:

1. Focus on high-quality visuals

As previously mentioned, a typical luxury homebuyer is accustomed to elevated marketing strategies and high-end visuals through the luxury brands they frequent. If you want to recreate that same luxury feel, you need to plan to offer top-tier visuals they are expecting and crave! 

Offer 3D tours and aerial photography highlighting the entire property, and you’ll command a buyer’s attention while showing off all your luxury property has to offer.

2. Make use of single-property websites

Custom single-property web pages are becoming the norm in luxury real estate. You can showcase every desirable amenity, high-quality images, and stunning videos.

You can use eloquent copy to regale a potential buyer with a detailed property story! A single property website can make any luxury listing feel luxurious and engaging, so this is one bandwagon you’ll want to hop on.

3. Upgrade your direct mail campaigns

We’re sure you’re familiar with traditional direct mail campaigns—but how can you upgrade your direct mailing efforts to make them luxurious and worth the time and attention? 

For starters, your mail needs to look luxurious and feel luxurious, too—think of materials such as heavy stock postcards with gloss finishes! Research luxury print materials and act accordingly when ordering your campaign supplies.

4. Host an event

With luxury real estate listings, a typical open house is usually out of the question—many people that stop by are curious to see inside but aren’t potential buyers. 

Consider curating a luxurious, invitation-only event for your intended target audience only. Rally your luxury real estate contacts to keep your event full of qualified prospects, and you’ll find yourself at the center of a gathering that is sure to be fruitful!

5. Appropriately price a property

This common strategy used in traditional real estate marketing efforts works just as well within the luxury space. While you don’t need to list a luxury property for its bottom dollar, being reasonable with your initial pricing will often stir up competition—and can potentially set you up for a bidding war! 

6. Create lifestyle videos

We said it before, and we’ll say it again—luxury real estate buyers require you to sell the lifestyle and the home! While a walkthrough video can be enticing on its own, a lifestyle video can help your buyers picture how they could live within the property. 

Being able to imagine yourself living a picturesque life in a luxury property can persuade potential buyers to come and see the property in person.

Elevating your luxury real estate marketing with Virtuance

Virtuance provides five-star visuals to impress sellers and buyers alike. With luxury marketing enhancements such as aerial photography, 3D home tours, and HDReal® images, it’s easy to stand apart from your competition and offer your clients a truly luxurious real estate experience!


Do you want to offer relevant marketing materials to homeowners and buyers in the luxury realm? Then you need to be willing to spend a little extra to offer up the luxury marketing experience they’re used toand that they expect!

Absolutely! A good marketing strategy ensures that your listing is at the forefront of the competition and will help garner more attention from your target audience than if you wing it.

Do your research, plan out your strategy, and implement it within your business as soon as possibleyou’ll be thrilled with the results!