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Virtuance Releases New Real Estate Photography Website and Client Account Platform

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated May 11, 2021 2 min read
Jan. 13, 2014 – DENVER — Virtuance today released its new website at The website is a complete overhaul of the company’s primary online portal for product information, company news, orders, and client account access. Over a year in planning and development, the website represents a huge technological leap forward for the young company. Along with the website, the company also released a revolutionary client account platform designed to handle client ordering, scheduling, and billing much more efficiently and quickly than before. The platform was designed and built in-house from the ground up to allow Virtuance client services staff to create client accounts, take orders, schedule shoots, and bill clients using a customized interface. Both the website and the client account platform are integrated with Virtuance’s CRM platform. Together, these solutions serve as an enormously powerful and robust technological infrastructure that puts the company far ahead of its competitors in the service and support of real estate marketing professionals. “We’re extremely excited about introducing these technology solutions to the public,” says Jeff Corn, Co-Founder and CEO of Virtuance. “We’ve invested extraordinary resources to design and build these cutting edge tools to make the client experience easier, faster, and better in every way. We’re committed to harnessing technological advances as we strive to deliver the best client experience in the industry.” Virtuance will use its new website and systems to continue providing its award-winning HDReal® real estate photography service, widely considered to be the most advanced and effective real estate marketing solution available. With well over 1,000 clients in the residential, commercial, and vacation rental real estate sectors, Virtuance is one of the leading providers of real estate photography in the US.

About Virtuance

Based in Denver, Virtuance was founded in 2010 and is one of the fastest growing real estate and vacation rental photography companies in the world. Virtuance is the developer of the HDReal® imaging system, a marketing solution designed specifically for real estate. HDReal’s® powerful and intelligent automated algorithms and highly trained HDReal-certified photographers combine to produce real estate marketing images that are proven to generate views and bookings, and engage viewers to act in renting, buying, or leasing real estate properties throughout the real estate industry. Virtuance supports the HDReal® system with a comprehensive array of marketing tools and platforms.