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Portland Buyers Want Professional Photography

By Meaghan Loraas Last Updated March 10, 2022 3 min read

In an incredibly competitive Portland, Oregon real estate market, what can set your listings apart? The answer is professional, appealing real estate photography. It may sound simple. However, the importance of a professional-quality photograph reflecting the beauty and benefits of the home can not be overstated. Potential buyers are attracted to the best-quality photos, so if you want to maximize your sales, professional photography is an essential factor to consider.

The Portland Real Estate Market is Competitive 

The Portland real estate market remains hot, even amid the pandemic. The current demand exceeds the supply, causing an increase in competition and price. The market may be a seller’s market, but buyers are also trying to sift through available listings and focus on the best ones in such a competitive market. When time and options are scarce, it is more important than ever for a real estate agent to provide high-quality real estate photos that will stand out.

Benefits of Portland Real Estate Photography Services

The real estate industry is increasingly moving online. A recent study found that 51% of buyers found the home they purchased online. Therefore, with most potential buyers using the internet and social media to find a home, a real estate photography service can help you increase engagement and, ultimately, increase sales. 

Many studies have been done to prove these claims. According to VHT Studios, professionally taken real estate images can lead to a 32% increase in sales speed. IMOTO’s findings were even more exciting–they found a 50% increase in sales speed. Redfin estimates that using professional photographers can drive up the selling price to an additional $10,000. And finally, a study by Inman concluded that real estate agents who use top-notch images earned double the commission than agents who used amateur photos. Numbers like these are too amazing to pass over.

Quality Photography Boosts Real Estate Listings in Portland, OR

All of these benefits can be seen directly in the Portland real estate market. Potential buyers in Portland expect to see professional photos on the competitive, increasingly expensive listings. When they do not see professional images, the real estate listing appears less credible and less desirable. Because the demand is so much higher than the supply, real estate agents in the area also compete for limited availability. To capitalize on these listings, an effective agent needs to use all of the tools at their disposal: professional photography, virtual tours, and aerial photos and videos. 

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Using professional photography can help you sell your Portland listings faster and for more money.

When to Use Aerial Images for Portland Properties

As we have already stated, static professional photos of the home are vital for an effective listing. However, sometimes an aerial image can provide a unique viewpoint into the home’s features and appeal. For example, if you are listing a large property, an aerial photo can more clearly express the total size of the house. Also, aerial images can showcase the breadth of surrounding property, such as lovely wooded acres or water access.

The Risk of Bad Real Estate Pictures

We understand the hesitation some real estate agents feel about seeking out the services of real estate photography businesses. Every effective real estate agent tries to limit its spending where and when it can. They think if we take these pictures ourselves, we can cut costs. However, professional real estate photography is an essential service that is an upfront cost and ultimately leads you to make more money. Using bad photos on your listing is a full-proof way to lose a potential buyer’s attention. As all of the evidence clearly shows, hiring a real estate photography business to take your photos will increase engagement, increase the speed of sales, and will increase your commissions. 

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