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10 Unique Promotional Items for Your Real Estate Business

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated June 7, 2022 3 min read

There are countless ways to help your real estate business gain local exposure. If you haven’t jumped into the digital world of marketing yet, you may find a grassroots marketing approach more alluring. Promotional items help businesses stay top-of-mind with prospective clients and boost brand exposure within the community. 

When selecting a promotional item for your real estate marketing strategy, focus on tools nearly everyone uses in their day-to-day life. Additionally, you’ll get the most promotional benefit for your business with gadgets that people can use in public. 

Here are ten unique promotional items that prospective clients won’t immediately throw away: 

Eco-friendly Shopping Totes

As cities across the globe attempt to limit the use of plastic bags in grocery stores and retail spaces, most residents, it seems, are on board with a more eco-friendly lifestyle, too. 

Shopping totes are an excellent promotional item for real estate agents as they are a walking advertisement for your business within your farm area. And let’s be real; we all love collecting cute reusable shopping bags.

Some of our favorites: 

Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is a clever promotional item for real estate agents. Whether you’re a listing agent or a buyers’ agent, potential clients will find several uses for a measuring tape around their homes. 

When you search for a promotional measuring tape, remember to keep it simple. This particular gadget doesn’t need to be high-quality to get the job done, especially when it’s a giveaway marketing item. 

Some of our favorites: 

Phone Accessories 

Nearly everyone has a smartphone, making phone accessories a thoughtful giveaway item. With several types of smartphones available, choosing a phone accessory that most potential clients can use is essential. Some phone item options include pop sockets, portable chargers, and a pocket card holder

Some of our favorites: 

Keychain Flashlight 

A keychain flashlight comes in handy more often than you’d think. Like when you try to unlock your front door in the dark or when you can’t find something you dropped under the driver’s seat (for the 5th time). As you can imagine, a flashlight is a most appreciated giveaway item for potential real estate clients. 

Some of our favorites: 

Calendar Magnet

Put yourself right in the kitchen of your future client. A calendar magnet with your company information is a genius and practical way to remind a renter, or homeowner, that you’re only a call away. 

Busy individuals and families review a calendar several times a week when confirming plans; let your magnetic fridge calendar be the one they rely on in a pinch. 

Some of our favorites: 

House-shaped Carabiner

A carabiner is a fun tool for holding extra keys, a water bottle, and fobs. If you’re a climber, a (non-industrial) carabiner can carry your chalk bag and other necessary items. You can offer people a house-shaped carabiner to cheekily promote your real estate brand. 

Some of our favorites: 

Magnetic Level 

Like the measuring tape, a magnetic level is a household staple for everyone. A level is especially handy for smaller house projects like hanging wall decor and curtain rods. 

Some of our favorites: 

Collapsible Travel Cup

A collapsible travel cup makes life on the go easier and more eco-friendly. As a promotional item, collapsible cups and bottles are newer to the market. You may not find the exact style you want, but a collapsible cup is unique enough on its own to wow your prospects. 

Some of our favorites: 

Reusable Straw

Reusable straws continue to grow in popularity. Eco-friendly and convenient, most reusable straws come in a travel case to keep them clean from debris. You can place your real estate business name on the case as a little daily reminder to potential clients.

Some of our favorites: 

Hand Sanitizer Case

Clean hands are the standard (as they should be), and hand sanitizer is undoubtedly a necessary accessory for most people. You can encourage buyers and sellers to dress up their mini hand sanitizer bottles in a case with your name on it. Every time they remove germs, they see your awesome real estate logo. 

Some of our favorites: 

As you can see, promotional items are a hands-off way to help promote your real estate brand locally. There are plenty of unique, customizable gadgets and gizmos that will appeal to your target audience. Try out one of our ten promotional items mentioned above, and let us know what works for your real estate business!