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2022 Property Tax Rates in Portland, Oregon

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated January 17, 2023 2 min read

Are you considering moving to Portland, Oregon? Before you relocate, it’s important to understand the current property tax rates in Portland’s urban and suburban areas. 

Portland’s county seat is Multnomah County, with a population of 803,377 in 2021 (a slight decrease from 2020). Portland is a thriving city in the Pacific Northwest. The city offers residents abundant bike trails, lush parks, arts and culture, and a delicious food and drink scene. 

Portland, OR real estate market trends

According to Redfin, the Portland real estate market ranks ‘somewhat competitive.’ Currently, most homes sell for 3% above the list price, and some get multiple offers. The median sale price is $570,000, a 7.5% increase compared to 2021. 

2022 Portland property tax rates

Property taxes in Oregon are around the national average. Residents in Multnomah County can expect to pay around 1.04% in annual property taxes. 

While the property tax rate may sting a bit, Portland doesn’t have a sales tax, which means anything you purchase in Oregon won’t have an added tax. 

Portland property taxes pay for several things, including regional water quality, parks, libraries, and affordable housing. 

What affects your property taxes?

The cost of your property taxes depends on several factors, including property type (single-family, multi-unit), size, location, and market conditions. Other things that affect property taxes include the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, basements, porches, decks, pools, etc. 

Portland neighborhoods

Portland has over 90 neighborhoods spread throughout the six main quadrants. Each community offers locals unique stores, incredible restaurants, verdant parks, and plenty of ways to get around. 

According to Travel Portland, here are the most popular neighborhoods in each quadrant: 

  • North Portland: Mississippi, St. Johns, Williams
  • Northeast Portland: Lloyd, Hollywood, Cully
  • Northwest Portland: Nob Hill, Pearl District, Old Town Chinatown
  • Southeast Portland: Hawthorne, Belmont, Sellwood-Moreland
  • Southwest Portland: Downtown, Goose Hollow, Multnomah Village
  • South Portland: Willamette River, Waterfront

Portland metro schools

There are four school districts in Portland. Over 46,965 students attend one of the 86 public schools in the area. The high school graduation rate is 85%. 

Portland attractions

If you’re looking for nature, Portland’s top attractions have you covered. According to TripAdvisor, must-see parks and gardens include the International Rose Test Garden, the Portland Japanese Garden, Washington Park, and the Lan Su Chinese Garden

River cruises, brewery tours, and concerts are also popular Portland attractions. 

Portland transportation

Portland has wonderful transportation options to help locals get around. Portland’s transportation system is top-notch, from protected bike lanes to walkable bridges to streetcars and light rails. 

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