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What To Keep In Your Car for Showings

By Meaghan Loraas Last Updated November 3, 2022 5 min read

Welcome to this week’s Farm Friday! Spring is in full force, and open houses are on many potential buyers’ schedules for the upcoming weekends. Despite the low listing volume, I have a friend who went to three different open houses last weekend in Portland! While mortgage rates rise, buyers still need to move for professional or personal purposes. So, I thought I could help you prepare for your upcoming open houses by giving you a list of items you should keep in your car while you’re out and about this spring.

The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Car Kit

As a real estate professional, you know that you have to be prepared for anything that a day could throw at you. You’ll be showing homes, making appointments with clients, and doing things that can take up a lot of time. That means you won’t always have time to stop and grab something from home before heading out. Fortunately, I’ve created an ultimate real estate agent car kit that will save you time and ensure you don’t forget anything important.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

A good pair of extra shoes

  You’ll be walking a lot during showings, and the weather can change on a dime. Generally, having comfortable shoes will make the walk from house to house much more manageable. But, having an extra pair of shoes in your car can also save you from a miserable afternoon with wet socks.

A change of clothes

Whatever your profession is, I think it’s a great idea to have a change of clothes in your car. No matter what happens, whether it’s a runaway lunch or a muddy backyard showing, you can show up to your next meeting fresh and clean. 

Paper towels, hygiene products, and toilet paper

Whether you need to wipe up muddy footprints or replace an empty roll in one of your property’s bathrooms, having at least a roll or two of paper towels and toilet paper in your car can save you and your clients both embarrassment and time. Also, regarding the hygiene products, your clients will appreciate you having an extra pad or tampon in an emergency.

Also, pro tip: make sure the water is on before letting anyone use the bathroom at a showing.

A notebook

This is where you write down notes about each house you visit, so you remember everything you learned. It also helps if you make notes on any follow-up questions you may have for the seller. 


Let’s face it. We’ve all forgotten to eat lunch or breakfast on a busy day. Having snacks in your car can really save you from a hangry afternoon full of meetings.

Windex, a broom, and a Magic Eraser

Never be surprised or disappointed by a spotty mirror again! Having Windex (or your preferred cleaner) in your car can help you improve a potential buyer’s first impression of your property. Having a collapsible broom in the back of your vehicle can help you clean up a front porch quickly.

The Magic Eraser is my personal favorite life “hack”– you wouldn’t believe how helpful a magic eraser can be if you have it at your disposal every day. Scuff marks on the baseboards? No more. Fingerprints on all the water fixtures? Nuh-uh! Believe me; it’s worth it.

Hand sanitizer and hand cream

Hand sanitizer is essential in this day and age, and you do not want to run out while working in a busy office environment. Personally, I hate the feeling of cracked, dry hands. When using hand sanitizer often, your skin tends to dry out. Keep a small tube of hand cream in your glove compartment to soothe those paws between showings.


You don’t need to keep a mini-Home Depot in your backseat, but having a few essential tools can help you when crap hits the fan. I suggest having a hammer or a mallet (never struggle with a yard sign again), a multi-tool (I prefer Leatherman products), and some zip ties in your car to handle any situation that may come up. 

real estate agent car kit
Professional real estate photography can entice more people to show up to your open house.

Toys and coloring materials

If you’ve ever been to a showing with a client and their bored kid, you know how important it is to have something to occupy them. Buy yourself some quiet time with your buyer and have kid-friendly activities ready if and when you need them.

Pro Tip: Opt for coloring pencils instead of crayons or markers. Especially if you’re showing properties with white couches.

Gloves, boots, and an umbrella

I’ve lived all over the country, and one thing is for sure: no matter what the weather person says on the radio in the morning, you have to be prepared for anything. Having a pair of gloves can come in handy if you need to remove a dead rat (true story) or giant bug from a property’s yard. Basically, I suggest always having disposable gloves or gardening gloves on hand (get it?). 

Boots may be necessary for some properties with extensive outdoor areas or on a lot. Having a pair of mud or rain boots in your car is just good sense! Also, I don’t think I have to explain the importance of an umbrella. You get it.

A flashlight and light bulbs

A flashlight can come in handy for showings. However, it’s most helpful if a lighting fixture blows and you need to change it before your client shows up to view the property! Keep some extra light bulbs in your car and never be in the dark again. 

Business cards and blank paperwork

It’s wise to keep some extra copies of any paperwork in your car. Spills happen, you know? Extra business cards are always a good idea, just if you come across someone at a soccer game or lunch who might benefit from your expertise!

An extra USB charger

This item isn’t only for you to keep up with your real estate business without worrying about a low battery. An extra charger can show that you go the extra mile for your clients if anyone needs a little extra juice at your open house.

Dog treats

You never know when you might need to make friends with a neighborhood canine. Keeping some dog treats in your car can help you make a good impression on buyers who bring their four-legged pal to the showing.

Win Your Next Listing Appointment

“Always be prepared” is the Boy Scouts’ motto, but it could arguably be the real estate industry’s motto. Make sure you have these fifteen items at your next listing appointment to ensure that the contract gets signed at the end. If you want more content like this, sign up for The Good Stuff, our weekly email newsletter filled with real estate marketing ideas. And, as always, see you next Farm Friday!