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Real Estate Email Marketing Guide: Turning Home Buyers and Sellers into Clients

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated February 22, 2022 3 min read

If you’re stumped on why your real estate business is at a stand still, it’s time to create or improve your email marketing strategy.

Real estate email marketing is an effective way to grow your brand and nurture promising leads. Continue reading to learn how to build an email list and an email marketing strategy that turns warm buyer and seller leads into red hot conversions. 

Let’s start with how to build email lists.. 

It’s important to have strong email lists of prospects who have the potential to convert into clients. As you build your lists through different lead generation strategies, make sure to separate the lists into buyers and sellers. Since buyers and sellers have different goals, separating them into two different lists will allow addressing their specific needs easier. 

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There are a number of ways to capture real estate email leads in order to build your list and grow your business. You can create landing pages for free local market guides and buying/selling checklists. And if you have a blog, you can add inline lead gen forms or lead gen pop ups. 

Below are some ideas for email capture ideas. We recommend using PDF formatting to allow for easy downloading. 

Email Capture Ideas To Generate Seller Leads 

These real estate marketing ideas focus on what appeals to home sellers

  • Free guide for selling your home in YOUR CITY
  • Your guide to a fun, free weekend in YOUR CITY
  • Free infographic on the home selling process
  • 10 ways to sell your home fast and for more money in YOUR CITY

Email Capture Ideas To Generate Buyer Leads 

These real estate marketing ideas focus on what appeals to home buyers

  • Free guide for buying a home in YOUR CITY
  • Your guide to a fun, free weekend in YOUR CITY
  • Free infographic on the home buying process 
  • 10 things to look for when buying a home in YOUR CITY

Designing an email marketing strategy..

Now that you have your lead generation forms in place, you need to build out our email marketing strategy. 

Quick Real Estate Email Blast Ideas

Email blasts can help you easily stay engaged with your clients and prospects. Consider this technique a fun and educational way to remain top of mind while presenting yourself as a thought leader in your community. Below are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Community and neighborhood events
  • New restaurant openings and reviews
  • New neighborhood listings
  • Agency/brokerage open house schedules 
  • Real estate images for featured listing of the week

Real Estate Newsletter Ideas

While email blasts are short, fun, and timely, newsletters are longer form emails that can be scheduled to go out once a month.

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Real estate newsletters can highlight in-depth educational content and local real estate market news. Below are some ideas to get you started: 

  • The complete guide to selling your home in YOUR CITY
  • Your MONTH real estate market recap for YOUR CITY
    • Ex: Your February real estate market recap for Denver
  • Real estate market predictions for SEASON in YOUR CITY
  • Available listings / Recently sold listings

Real Estate Drip Campaign Ideas

Drip campaigns are the most aggressive approach to converting your leads. You will want to be more tactful here by creating a drip formula that builds with every email. Focus on the pain points of your prospects and offer a solution with a strong call to action. Because it usually takes at least 7 touches to convert a lead, we recommend a 10 email campaign approach. 

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Your drip campaign should feel authentic and not flashy. Keep it super simple with some text, a link or call to action, and your email signature. This campaign should be automated, which is a huge help for busy real estate agents. 

Here is an example of a real estate marketing drip campaign formula: 

  • Email 1: Talk about the problems they may be facing
  • Email 2-3: Remind them that their problems are common and frustrating
  • Email 4-6: Begin solving their problem and setting yourself up as the real estate expert
  • Email 7-9: Address their problem again and offer your services as the solution
  • Email 10: Remind them that you are the solution to their problem

After you build your email lists and design your email marketing strategy, it’s time to put both into action! With a solid email strategy in place, you’ll begin generating valuable leads and converting those leads into clients!