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Do I Need a Real Estate Marketing Coordinator?

By Lauren Vaccaro Last Updated October 12, 2022 3 min read

Hiring a new team member is an important milestone for any business owner; it means you’re experiencing company growth and expansion. 

You might consider hiring a real estate marketing coordinator as your business expands. Before you look for the perfect person, consider these factors.

When is it time to hire a real estate marketing coordinator?

Timing is everything when deciding to hire a new employee. If you’re on the fence about knowing whether it’s the right time, ask yourself these questions: Am I able to keep up with my own marketing? Can I afford to pay a coordinator to do it for me?

If you have a strategic real estate marketing plan that you executed to the best of your ability but can no longer keep up – it’s time to hire. Of course, you also want to offer and sustain a competitive pay range. 

Real Estate Marketing Coordinator Job Responsibilities

An excellent real estate marketing coordinator should effectively plan and execute your marketing strategy. They should be knowledgeable in various advertising methods (particularly for real estate listings), be super creative, and be a fabulous communicator. 

Day-to-day responsibilities typically include:

  • Manage social media platforms: post content and engage with followers
  • Create advertising campaigns and marketing campaigns
  • Manage website content and SEO optimization
  • Develop a voice for the business and ensure company branding is consistent
  • Administrative duties – track metrics, answer emails, make calls

Tips on How to Write a Job Description

So, you’re looking for that and more, but how do you write it out in a concise job description? Start by drafting what you regularly do to market your business and listings, then add what you wish you had time to do. This “wish list” should help you get started.

Then, reference similar job listings for inspiration. Pull from descriptions that stand out to you. Be sure to include who the person will work with and who they report to. Include background information about your business, like the number of employees, values, etc. You want potential employees to fit in well with your team. Consider if you wish for your hire to work in the office, remote, or a hybrid.

Next, list your desired qualifications. The real estate marketing coordinator’s qualifications may include professional experience, a degree in marketing, excellent communication skills, etc. Remember, this is what you’re hoping for, but no one person meets a job description perfectly.

Also, include the salary range. Research similar positions in your area to make sure you offer competitive and reasonable pay.

Finally, ask for help. Have a few people review your job posting and request feedback.

Where to Look for Real Estate Marketing Coordinators

If your job posting isn’t receiving an adequate number of quality applicants, there are several other avenues to find a great marketer, including:

  • Word-of-mouth – ask around for referrals from friends and colleagues
  • Online – check sites such as LinkedIn or search for a real estate marketing coordinator in your area
  • Hiring Agencies – find a local staffing agency to help you

Top Qualities of Successful Real Estate Marketing Coordinators

Once you have a pool of possible candidates, it’s time for interviews. Although you can only get a taste of someone’s personality during an interview, try to look for these qualities:

  • Organized – marketers juggle a lot at once; find someone who thrives with multiple tasks
  • Planner – from the day-to-day to strategic marketing plans, you need someone who thinks ahead
  • Social Savvy – look for someone who keeps up with trends on social media platforms
  • Deep industry experience – not necessary, but always a plus! 

When the time is right, hiring a real estate marketing coordinator frees up more time for you to manage your real estate listings and positively grow your business.