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Real Estate Photography Cost in Las Vegas

By Alexandra Carver Last Updated February 6, 2023 4 min read

As the largest and most populous city in Nevada, Las Vegas is world-famous for its shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife—and it’s an attractive location for tourists and those looking to settle down in a city that never sleeps! 

Looking to further enhance your real estate listings in Las Vegas? With 95% of real estate professionals utilizing professional real estate photography and a majority of home buyers finding their homes online, it’s essential  to use real estate photography to remain competitive.

Keep reading to learn more about why real estate photography is an asset for Las Vegas listings and the cost of professional real estate photography services in the area.

Why you should use real estate photography in Las Vegas

While some properties would benefit more from certain photography services, using professional real estate photography to enhance your listings can help your property sell faster and for potentially more money if you’ve got a hot home!

In addition, don’t assume real estate photos are a one-trick pony—they can be repurposed and reused for marketing materials, so you’ll get more bang for your buck. It only takes one shoot to get everything you need to capture the attention of leads, market your property, and drum up the attention it deserves.

Types of real estate photography in Las Vegas

Virtuance offers an array of photography options for the Las Vegas area and utilizes HDReal® technology to make your listings shine brighter than the rest. An automated imaging process system that seamlessly merges professional photography and artificial intelligence, HDReal® produces stunning real estate photos that will help you close a deal quickly.

We offer the following photography services to clients in the Las Vegas area:

Aerial photography

Do you have a listing with a large property begging to show off its potential? Aerial photography is the perfect service to help buyers see the whole story, with surrounding areas and landmarks in view to give a perfect picture of the property.

Marketing enhancements

Boosting leads and referrals is integral to the real estate game, and marketing enhancements can help you simplify the process. Video of a property will help your listing reach its target audience, and we keep them short and sweet to ensure they get the most attention

In addition, our social media package will automatically link your tour directly from your social media accounts as soon as it’s up and running. You’ll spend little to no effort enhancing your social media presence in a valuable way!

3D tours

3D tours offer the ease and convenience of touring a home from the comfort of your own! We offer these tours through Matterport and Zillow 3D Home®, so the choice is yours, which will best suit your property’s needs. Sellers will be thrilled with how their property is represented, and buyers will be able to fully visualize the space’s potential before stepping foot on the property.

Real estate photography pricing in Las Vegas

Virtuance provides a wide range of services to enhance your listings at a reasonable price. Our most popular HDReal® image package starts at $169 for 25 images, which is perfect for homes under 4,000 SF

If you’ve got a listing under 1,000 SF, our package of 10 HDReal® images for $109 would be ideal. 

What if you’ve got a large property to list? Homes over 4,000 SF would benefit from 50 images for $272.

Zillow 3D Home® tours start at $99, while Matterport 3D tours start at $149.

If you’re looking for HDReal® aerial images and video, packages start at $219 for the Las Vegas area.

Keep in mind that all packages are customizable! You can easily add options such as additional images, panoramas, stock images, and more. You can even rush delivery for an additional fee if you’re in a pinch!

Find a real estate photographer near you

Professional real estate photography services are more popular than ever, with Virtuance servicing Las Vegas and the surrounding areas:

  • Boulder City
  • Sloan
  • Enterprise
  • North Las Vegas
  • Spring Valley
  • Henderson
  • Paradise
  • Summerlin South

If you’re looking for additional cities, check out our service area map. Virtuance can be found nationwide.


Professional real estate photography is becoming integral to listings in a technology-forward world. Most buyers head online to search for their next home, so capturing their attention with a visually stunning listing will help you to generate valuable leads, increase referrals, and sell your property faster!

In Las Vegas, Virtuance HDReal® image packages start at $109 and can cost up to $272 if you’re listing a property over 4,000 SF. Packages are fully customizable, with various add-ons available for an extra fee.