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22 Social Media Post Ideas for 2022

By Meaghan Loraas Last Updated January 20, 2022 7 min read

Hello, and welcome back to Farm Friday! It has been a busy week at Virtuance. We have donated $5,000 to the Conscious Alliance to help support the victims of the Marshall Fire. We were devastated to learn that so many people were affected by the natural disaster, and we pledge to match your donations (up to another $5,000) if you donate as well. If you’re able, please consider donating here.

Last week, I gave you all 22 blog ideas to start 2022. I, of course, love listicles, and I want to keep the good times rolling with 22 social media post ideas! According to our recent report, most real estate agents use social media as part of their marketing strategy. If you’re not active on social media, you’re not keeping up with your peers. 

Not all of these ideas will be relevant to you or your niche. For example, your real estate business may focus on first-time home sellers or experienced real estate investors. Please take what you can from this list and twist it, flip it, work it until it fits you and your brand. Social media is a great way to reach potential clients in the real estate industry. So, without further ado, here are some social media ideas for you so that you can save time posting on your social media platforms and more time closing real estate transactions!

1. Your Latest Listing (Photos or Video)

I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you that one of the most popular types of posts in the real estate social media sphere is a listing post. You can go so many different ways with this kind of real estate content. You could post a video of a listing, you could build image posts that feature your latest listings, or you could even add some royalty-free music and then post the listing on Instagram Stories, TikTok, or Facebook. 

2. A Video About Real Estate Investing (Video)

If your target audience includes investors looking to start investing in real estate, then there’s no better place to share your knowledge than through a video. Videos about real estate investing are easy to create because they don’t require much effort to produce. They also tend to generate a lot of engagement. And since videos are such an effective form of communication, you’ll likely find that your viewers will be eager to watch them again and again.

3. The Best Places To Buy or Sell Property (Photos or Video)

This idea is pretty self-explanatory. But when you think about it, every city has its unique qualities. If your farm area covers multiple cities, you can reach your target market by displaying your expertise and experience in the area. You can also write about your farm area’s neighborhoods and which ones are best for specific potential buyers. For example, a young professional may be more likely to enjoy a community near an area’s urban center. At the same time, families may wish to be a bit further away in the suburbs. As a real estate agent, you can use your personal experience in the area to personalize these posts.

4. A Review of a New Development Coming To Your Farm Area (Video)

Reviews are also popular real estate content. You can post updates on your social media profiles about real estate developments, apartment complexes, and neighborhoods that are set to open in your farm area within the year. Think of what is happening in your farm area this year or early next year when you’re thinking about real estate content ideas. It’s always beneficial to have real estate content that is timely!

5. How To Buy Your First Home (Infographic, Photos, or Video)

You may specialize in real estate for first-time homebuyers, but don’t forget about the parents of your real estate prospects. These prospective buyers are real estate investors looking for properties to rent out, flip, or hold onto until they have a real estate investor prospect. Make real estate content more relevant to your audience by showing how real estate investors can buy their first property.

6. Housing Trends Your Farm Area is Experiencing (Infographic, Photos, or Video)

As a real estate agent, you know your farm area like the back of your hand. Including trending real estate trends in your social media posts will give potential customers who are looking to move a better idea of what they should expect when moving there. Make sure to include real estate trends in your farm area and the surrounding ones!

7. The Best Homes for Outdoor Lovers (Photos or Video)

Suppose you have listings for homes near the water, homes with outdoor gyms, houses with access to local outdoor activities, or homes with pools. In that case, this is an excellent real estate post idea that will help people visualize their future living situation. 

real estate social media post ideas
Highlight your farm area’s recreation areas to attract potential buyers who love the outdoors!

8. A Profile of Your Ideal Homebuyer (Infographic or Video)

This post idea will be the most beneficial if you have real estate clients who want to sell their homes. This post talks about how real estate agents can help them reach their goals and how you make sure they’re always happy with the selling process with you.

9. A Guide to Your Farm Area’s Most Popular Neighborhoods (Video)

If you’re in real estate, then you know that real estate in specific real estate neighborhoods is in high demand. Think about the demographics of your farm area and their real estate needs when making this social media post. How do you think people would respond if you share information about homes available in their preferred neighborhood? 

10. The Benefits of Using a Local Real Estate Agent (Infographic, Photos, or Video)

When real estate agents share content related to how they can help clients, it benefits everyone! When real estate agents promote the advantages of working with them, they show prospects that they’re the best choice for that farm area. You will succeed more if you target this content to your niches, such as first-time buyers, veteran buyers, or investors.

11. The Best Time of Year to Sell Your Home or Buy a Home (Infographic)

This is a social media post idea you can use year-round, but it’s especially beneficial when your farm area is in real estate market flux! Real estate prospects can make informed real estate decisions by sharing trending information and real estate market data.

12.  The Top 3 Tips for Getting a Mortgage (Infographic, Photos, or Video)

If you’re a real estate agent, then you know that real estate connections go deep. Share content with actionable tips for realtors and their clients, such as getting pre-qualified for a mortgage or the requirements for getting a home loan! This post will increase your social media presence and exposure to potential clients. Also, this post can help you reach potential referral sources.

13.  The Top 4 Rules of Thumb When Preparing Your Home for Sale (Infographic or Photos)

Let’s be honest: real estate agents love sharing home staging tips. For example, real estate agents can use this social media post idea by using house staging ideas and showing potential buyers what a home could look like if it were to be sold.  

14.  5 Reasons Why People Are Moving to Your Farm Area (Infographic, Photos, or Video)

People are attracted to farm areas with beautiful landscapes and homes that reflect their personalities. Share real estate content related to why people who move out of town want to make a move to your farm area! This is a great way to use real estate social media marketing to increase your presence in the area.

15.  10 Tips to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home (Infographic, Photos, or Video)

When real estate agents help people sell their homes, it’s important to remember that you can also advise preparing a home for sale. Make sure to share real estate content that covers the basics and essentials!

16. The Cost of Home Heating and Cooling (Infographic or Photos)

Home heating and cooling costs can affect real estate decisions. Use social media marketing to share real estate tips with real estate prospects who want to stay informed about the real estate market in your area!

social media marketing for real estate
When you use Virtuance for professional real estate photography, each of your images can be used as real estate marketing materials!

17. The Top 3 Home Design Trends for 2022 (Infographic, Video, or Photos)

When real estate agents share fun content related to real estate trends, they can increase their presence on social media. Prospective buyers love home design content, and these social media posts can help real estate agents with their marketing efforts.

18.  The Truth About Home Appraisals Before You List Your House for Sale (Infographic or Photos)

Home appraisals can be real estate deal breakers or real estate blessings. When you share content related to home appraisals, it both increases your social media presence and provides real estate prospects with market data.

19.  The 5 Biggest Home Improvement Mistakes (Infographic or Photos)

Sometimes you want to warn your prospective sellers away from a big mistake before listing their home! This post idea is pretty fun. You can scour the internet for some funny photos of home improvement fails to feature on your social media profiles. In your captions, make sure to use your personal experience to promote the information. If this type of post doesn’t fit your brand, consider writing about the five best home improvement projects to complete before listing.

20. A Guide to the Different Types of Home Loans (Infographic)

You can also use this content to help break down your consumers’ decision to buy a home. For example, you can share a post related to different types of home loans or make your own post. Keep in mind that your social media marketing strategy can include sharing posts and posting original content.

21. The Pros and Cons of Renting vs. Buying a Home (Infographic or Photos)

Remember to use real numbers from your farm area when comparing renting versus buying a home! It’s also important to explain the advantages of both options, so consumers have a fundamental understanding of their options.

22.  How to Prepare Your Home for a Newborn Baby (Infographic, Photos, or Video)

This post idea is pretty simple, and you can easily share real estate content that covers home preparation before a baby arrives. For example, you could cover the nursery’s must-haves or how to prepare spare bedrooms! Or you could design a downloadable checklist that also functions as a lead capture!

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