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Reduce Vacancy Times with Professional Photography

By Meaghan Loraas Last Updated April 14, 2022 3 min read

One of the most significant impacts on rental incomes is the amount of time a property stays vacant between renters. The longer a property remains vacant, the more it impacts your ROI. However, with some marketing strategies and professional real estate photos, you can often cut vacancy times down considerably. 

Benefits of Professional Real Estate Photos for Rental Units

When people are looking for a place to live, they often research many different aspects. These aspects range from cost to location to accessibility. One of the most significant factors is whether they can see themselves living there. Real estate photos allow you to portray the livability of the home or apartment unit that you are renting out. This portrayal may include showing off unique features such as a spacious kitchen. Also, real estate photos can portray a property’s surroundings such as a large yard or quiet neighborhood. Additionally, professional photographers can ensure that the property looks as accurate in photographs as possible. Potential buyers may skim over a property when photographs negatively portray it. For example, lousy lighting or the use of a skewed perspective can cause a rental unit to sit unoccupied for weeks.

To get the best photos possible, it’s best to turn to a professional. 

Professional Real Estate Photographers 

A professional photographer brings years of experience to your shoot. Additionally, a real estate photographer will have all the right equipment to take beautiful, high-quality photos of your listings. Trust us; your exterior photos will benefit from a professional touch and a wide-angle lens. 

Over 90% of people do the majority of their shopping online. This statistic also applies to the real estate market. So, it’s vital to ensure that your listings are showing off their best qualities visually. Studies have shown that having photos taken with DSLR cameras versus phone cameras generally sell at higher prices. Not only that, but they’re often on the market for much less time.

Finally, a quality real estate photographer will also know how best to utilize the camera’s abilities and surroundings, such as natural lighting, to create photos that genuinely encapsulate why a property should be rented.

benefits of professional real estate photography
Choosing professional real estate photography for your rental properties is a no-brainer. Great ROI, less time on the market, and higher rents.

Pre-Shoot Tips: Use Natural Light to Your Advantage

You may have looked at a photo before and felt that something wasn’t quite right: maybe the corners were filled with shadows, or the colors felt dull or tinged in a strange way. Many of these issues come down to whether natural or artificial lighting was used. Artificial lighting often creates shadowing effects and glare and can wash out colors and details or even change the colors themselves depending on the light source. Try always to have photos of properties taken when the sun is high in the sky when the indoors will look most well-lit. 

Professional photography is a sure way to increase views of your vacant properties and ensure that you fill the spaces promptly. Consider the best ways to highlight your listings to ensure your ROI visually. Talking to a professional photographer is often a significant first step toward showcasing a house or apartment in the best possible light. 

How Can Virtuance Help?

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