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What Makes Las Vegas Homes Sell Fast?

By Lauren Vaccaro Last Updated September 30, 2022 3 min read

It’s no secret that the housing market has been hot, hot, hot. Las Vegas was no exception to rising home values and competitive buying and selling. However, as we start to see a shift in the economy, rising interest rates, and a changing real estate market, things may simmer a bit.

Even so, it’s still a great time to sell a home in Las Vegas. But, before you put up your neon For Sale sign, check out the features that make a Vegas home sell fast.

1. Water-wise landscaping

Las Vegas is in a drought, and like many other water districts, Las Vegas Valley has instituted watering restrictions. Homes with native plants, little to no grass, and a gorgeous xeriscape will do well. Not only can you market the home as a money-saving, but also low-maintenance. Currently, the water authority is even offering rebates per square foot of grass removed—take advantage to ensure your yard is in selling shape.

2. Central air is a must

Summers in the desert means triple-digit-temps almost daily. To beat the heat, homeowners need air conditioning. A simple checkmark on Zillow will allow potential buyers to remove all homes without air conditioning, and you do not want to be in that category. Before you sell, invest to get central air for a big pay off.

3. A cool pool

View of a pool in Las Vegas

You may be noticing a theme—Vegas is hot! Another fantastic selling feature of a desert home is a pool. Of course, adding a pool before you sell is not likely an option, but if you have one, you’re in luck. Pools top the list of sought-after features in Las Vegas, and we can understand why.

Community or neighborhood pools are also a selling feature, so be sure to add that to your listing as well.

4. Bright white cabinetry

A kitchen with bright white cabinetry and a wood floor

Las Vegas boasts many different home styles, including Mediterranean, Southwest, and even Coastal. Despite your style preferences, appealing to a wide range of buyers means limiting color and brightening up dark spaces.

White cabinetry has been noted as a top-selling feature, particularly in the kitchen. If you want to sell your home fast, consider upgrading your cabinets or adding fresh paint and hardware.

5. Fantastic floors

Plank wood flooring in a Las Vegas home

Traditionally, hardwood floors are a major home selling feature. However, real hardwoods need a lot of care in the dryness of the desert. Buyers are still looking for easy-to-clean, hard floors, which makes luxury plank vinyl and tile common in Las Vegas. There are so many great options for desert-friendly floors that will wow buyers.

Ready to sell your Vegas listing fast?

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