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How to Set Real Estate Goals to Grow Your Business

By Alexandra Carver Last Updated October 21, 2022 3 min read

Goals can give direction, clarity, and a needed push to move toward what we want for our business. But what good is a goal if you have no clear path to success? 

Goals such as “find more leads” or “close more deals” in the real estate world are attainable, but you need a plan to meet them.

Enter SMART goals for real estate agents. What exactly are SMART goals, and how do they set you up for success? Keep reading to learn more about SMART goals and how you can utilize them to grow your real estate business in a meaningful and attainable way.

Why real estate goals are important

Let’s take a moment to be honest—being a real estate agent isn’t easy! No matter how much time and effort you put into your work, leads or deals can fall through.

Working without real estate goals can make you feel like you’re running in circles with no clear direction—exhausted, unfocused, and unsure of where your business is heading next.

When you have a purpose and measure the progress you’re making, you set yourself up for success. You’ll avoid burnout and have a more positive outlook when you can actually see how your business is growing!

What are SMART goals?

You’ve likely set broad real estate goals you’d love to achieve with your business, like closing more deals in a year or elevating your marketing strategy.

However, by making your goals specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound—or SMART—you give yourself clear direction and the motivation needed to achieve them.

Let’s break down each aspect of a SMART goal to learn how they can help you grow your business:


Being specific with your real estate goals shows you what to do daily, weekly, or monthly to accomplish your desired results. 

And don’t forget the five W’s when creating your goals! If you know the whowhatwhenwhere, and why of what you want to do, you’ll understand how you can do it. 


Tracking your progress toward a goal keeps you motivated. Assessing measurable metrics can help you see what needs tweaking to achieve your goal. 

How will you manage your efforts to achieve your goal if you can’t measure it? Make it easier to achieve your desired growth by crafting measurable goals. 


There’s nothing wrong with reaching for the stars and dreaming big! However, if your real estate goals aren’t attainable, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Finding the balance between your dreams and reality makes your goals attainable without stretching yourself thin. Challenge yourself without being unrealistic, and you’ll start to see your business flourish through the goals you set.


A relevant goal will align itself with your business objectives. If you set real estate goals that won’t help grow your business, you’ll likely give up. 

Assessing the resources, time, and effort you can realistically give to your goals will help you better understand what goals are relevant to your business—and which ones you can cast to the wayside! 


The final ingredient that makes a goal SMART? It needs to be time-bound!

A time-bound goal provides a sense of urgency and helps you avoid procrastination through a bit of healthy pressure. Assign timelines to your real estate goals, be realistic with how they will fit into your daily work life, and hold yourself accountable with periodic check-ins. 

How Virtuance can help you reach your goals

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SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals. These goals lay a clear foundation that will help you break down your bigger goals as a real estate agent into challenging yet feasible tasks.

By utilizing the SMART goal framework! SMART goals give you a clear direction toward your business and its greater purpose.

With clarity, purpose, and the motivation to tackle the things needed to grow your real estate business, you’ll find yourself hitting all your business goals in the way you’ve been dreaming of.