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Should I Hire a Professional Photographer for My Austin Rental?

By Meaghan Loraas Last Updated March 22, 2022 3 min read

Whether you’re a first-time landlord looking to rent the South Austin flip you’ve just renovated, or an experienced real estate pro with North University apartment buildings to fill, you might be wondering if hiring a professional photographer is worth the investment. Why pay for photos when the Austin market is hot? Especially when you can whip out your smartphone to snap a few of your own? 

We all know the listing photos that work–sweeping exterior shots with gorgeous skies framing crisp, architectural lines. Glowing windows invite prospective tenants up an appealing walkway to a half-open door. And the interior images are even better, with bright, flawless lines and colors that pop to showcase the great features. Professional photos set your listing apart, helping you get top-dollar for your rentals and investment properties.

Marketing tools have become more sophisticated, but potential tenants are savvier than they used to be. High-quality photos and virtual tours increase showings and rentals by making a great first impression. Additionally, they generate social media buzz (that’s free marketing) and create a connection with potential renters before they’ve even left their couch. 

A Crucial First Impression

Listing photos offer potential tenants/residents an important first impression. Poorly lit photos and awkward angles can make the most beautifully staged Hyde Park victorian appear ordinary, even dingy. For example, a brand new East Austin apartment building that should be commanding top-dollar rents might be consigned to low occupancy because the listing photos aren’t bringing prospective tenants to the door. A professional photographer knows more than just how to highlight a home’s strengths. Additionally, they know which features are hot in the market and how to show off features that you might have missed.

Quality images and virtual tours are more critical than ever in today’s market than ever. With prospective tenants hesitant to travel, and potentially uncomfortable lingering in public spaces, catching a renter’s attention with great photos is critical. Additionally, making them fall in love with a property on a walkthrough video is a great way to ensure they’ll schedule a showing. Not only that, they’ll likely be ready to rent when they walk through the door. Professional images of the floorplan, combined with virtual tours, can ensure that prospective renters know what they’re walking into. As a result, everyone saves time.

austin real estate photographer
Professional photography can reduce vacancy times for your rental properties.

Property Gets More Views and Shares

You only get one chance to make that first impression. Quality photos are just that–a renter’s introduction to the space. Nowadays, renters expect to preview real estate listings from the comfort of their smartphone. As a result, professional photography increases showings and gets more views, likes, and shares, creating energy on social media and getting your property onto more screens. Marketing is vital, and free marketing is better. We live in a world driven by clicks and views, and professional photos can make those clicks work for you. 

Getting your property seen is essential, and many people want to look. Photo sharing apps and social media have created a culture around quality images. Austin is a heavyweight location in the influencer space.  Shareable photos of aspirational living spaces can boost your marketing reach. Virtual staging and photos glowing in the golden hour help potential tenants imagine themselves living their best life while renting your property. We know clicks and shares expand social media reach. As a result, working with a professional photographer can provide you with buzz-worthy photos.

Professional Real Estate Photography Increases Showings and Rentals

A great real estate photographer can turn a studio apartment into a jewel box and an ordinary single-family home into a suburban sanctuary. You’re not just buying marketing photos. You’re paying for a professional eye that will help identify and highlight the strengths of your property. Virtuance’s professionals know which features elevate a property. You don’t just want your rental to move in a fast-moving market. You want to maximize your revenue. Drone photography, virtual staging, 3-D tours, and floorplans are marketing tools that increase showings. Intelligent real estate brokers know that investing in a professional photographer will maximize revenue for entry-level homes and high-end properties alike. 

The name of the game is getting eyes on properties. In today’s market, future clients are used to previewing homes before going to a showing. They expect video walkthroughs that showcase the interior spaces and aerial photos to help them envision the neighborhood and outdoor amenities. You want to bring potential residents to your property, and the way to make that happen is to help them see their lives lived on your property. The Austin market is hot. Professional photos ensure you can compete and secure top dollar for your rentals.