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4 Social Media Giveaways to Help Boost Engagement

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated May 4, 2020 4 min read

Social media is more prevalent than ever and utilizing these platforms is a great way to generate leads for your real estate business. When you start to increase your social media presence by encouraging engagement on your posts, you will generate more traffic and leads to your real estate website. 

If you’re looking to boost your social media engagement, take a look at the contest and giveaway ideas listed below. At the bottom of this article, we listed a number of different prizes you can use for your social media contests. 

Below are 4 social media contest ideas for real estate: 

Ask your audience to comment with a personal story

This giveaway is twofold. You receive the engagement you’re looking for and you also get to know your audience better! For this giveaway, post a real estate image or link to your listing. You want to make sure that your audience knows it’s a giveaway. 

Facebook post for social media giveaway

Start the post by saying GIVEAWAY in all caps. Then, ask your audience to share a story about living in their home – it can be their favorite renovation memory, the most difficult thing about settling into their first home, their future home goals, etc. There are so many topics you can build your giveaway around, which is great because that means you can create a bank of topics for future contests!

Next, let your audience know that you will be selecting one of the stories later that week and the winner will receive a prize. If it’s a high-value prize, it would help to mention what the prize is in order to get more participation.

Host a comment and share giveaway

This social media contest helps boost your page reach. For this giveaway, post either a real estate image, a graphic about you, or a new listing. 

Social media giveaway example

If you post your client’s listing, you’ll get major brownie points. After you decide what to post, let your audience know it’s a giveaway and lay out the contest rules. Tell your audience that they need to comment on the post, like the post and SHARE the post. This will give you the engagement and the reach you’re looking for. Lastly, tell participants that you’ll select a winner by the end of the week. 

Join forces with a real estate provider

This type of social media giveaway is an awesome opportunity to work with a real estate provider and offer a high-value prize to one of your followers. A contest like this will take a bit more planning, too. You will need to reach out to a few real estate providers – consider your real estate photography companies, home stagers, landscapers, or title companies. Ask if they’d like to host a social media contest with you and go in on a high-value prize for the winner. 

Giveaway social media example

Once you find your co-hosts, collaborate on a post that you will all share on your social accounts. Your post should include the following information: 

  1. That you’re co-hosting an exciting giveaway
  2. The rules: the participant needs to follow all of the accounts hosting the giveaway, the participant needs to comment that they completed the rules, the participant needs to like the post, and extra-points if the participant shares or tags a friend. 
  3. Tags/links to each account that is co-hosting
  4. A nice graphic to grab attention
  5. A deadline for when the contest ends
  6. A description of the special prize

We have seen these types of contests on Instagram and they are incredibly successful in building your audience and credibility on social media, which in turn will boost your brand awareness and lead generation efforts. 

Create a poll to gain feedback

Here is a contest that is easy to create and easy for your audience to participate in. We recommend a smaller giveaway for this contest as the work is minimal. In order to better understand your audience, create a contest through a poll. You can easily create polls on Facebook and Instagram. 

You can ask a fun question or a more in-depth question. For example, you can post real estate images and ask your audience to choose which house style they prefer. Or you can post real estate stock images and ask which neighborhood area your audience enjoys more. If you’re looking for more important data, consider questions about when they plan to buy or sell a home. Or ask what is holding them back from buying their first home. 

Again, make sure that you let your audience know that the post is a giveaway and when they participate, they are entered for a change to win. 

Giveaway Ideas: 

Below is a list of gift ideas you can use as your giveaway prize. These can range anywhere from a $5-10 Starbucks gift card to an $80 personalized gift. It really depends on your set budget and how engaging your contest is. These are also great options for closing gifts. 

  • Giftcard
    • Food delivery services – Ubereats, Grubhub, Doordash
    • Home improvement centers – Home Depot, Lowe’s, ACE
    • Coffee – Starbucks, Einstein’s 
    • Online stores – Amazon

There are a ton of different giveaway ideas to help increase your social media presence as a Realtor. If you’re just now getting into social media and building your brand, giveaways are an effective and fun way to build your audience and start generating leads.