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How to Attract Home Buyers Through Social Media

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated September 28, 2023 4 min read

Marketing real estate has come a long way. The days of posting listings in the local paper and hoping buyers see your client’s yard signs are behind us. 

If you only post your listing to the MLS and third-party databases like Zillow or Trulia, you may be missing out on crucial home buyers. An astounding 79% of internet users in the United States are on Facebook, and Instagram has over 2 billion users  worldwide. Let’s not forget about Tik Tok, Pinterest, X (formerly Twitter), and Youtube. 

It is crucial, as a 21st century real estate professional, that you must  establish your brand on multiple social media accounts. Social media platforms are also powerful channels to promote your listings and  position yourself as a thought leader in the real estate industry.

This post will focus on three techniques to use on social media channels to attract home buyers to your real estate business.

1. Participate in Facebook Groups

Facebook designed Groups over ten years ago to provide a collaborative space for like-minded users to discuss industry trends, socialize, and network. In 2016, Zuckerberg reported that more than 1 billion users actively engaged in the Facebook Groups feature in a single month to explore shared interests.

There are thousands of active real estate Facebook Groups available to join. Many of the members frequently post listings on the discussion boards. Additionally, many real estate agents in these groups post referrals. As a result, you may be able to find a potential client in your area without leaving your desk!
Real estate groups allow listing agents and buyer’s agents to communicate quickly and begin the house buying process. Additionally, agents with potential buyers moving to new areas can result in social media content centered around building referral networks.

To find a local real estate group, log in to your Facebook account and navigate to the Groups page. Click ‘discover’ and begin finding your local real estate groups!

2. Increase social media engagement with listing posts

Promoting a new listing to your social media followers will only be as good as the reach and engagement your social media posts generate.

How do you increase your reach and engagement?

To start, you will want to use high-quality, attractive listing images. Also, consider using professional photography to stand out on your followers’ news feeds. If you’re curious about professional photography’s benefits or want to make a switch, check out this free guide. Another way to drive engagement to your listing posts is to create a narrative around your listing images. Captivating real estate content helps home buyers picture what living in the home, neighborhood, and city will be like. As a result, the hard facts can typically be saved for the MLS and online databases. Social media posts evoke emotion and create a space for followers to relate. Now that we have established a solid visual foundation let’s take it further. Try creating a digital listing flyer instead of posting a few images and a link to your listing. These customizable social media listing flyers can feature your listing’s photos, the description, and contact information on your social media channel. Additionally, ddigital listing flyers make it extremely easy for your followers and colleagues to share your new listing with their friends (and your target market) on social media. (Remember to set your posts to ‘public’!) Social_media_home_buyer_strategy To make your own digital listing flyers, download these free social media templates.

3. Create a messenger chatbot

Chatbots, which are essentially robots used to engage in conversations with users, seem to be gaining momentum on Facebook. Chatbots allow businesses (and real estate agents) to reach people that share similar interests on their social media accounts. They are great for answering questions and generating valuable leads. As a result, real estate agents can use chatbots to share new listings with subscribers. Not only that, but chatbots can schedule showings, announce upcoming open houses, and more. You can even have your chatbot direct your potential leads to relevant blog posts on your real estate business website. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Programming (NLP) have made it possible to use conversational language to nurture relationships and increase conversions in a completely automated manner. Maruti Tech Labs posted this thorough article about the rise of chatbots.

As social media platforms continue to evolve and grow, it is necessary to stay knowledgeable about the latest technology trends and innovations. Start adding the techniques discussed above to your social media strategy and begin networking with online home buyers today.

How real estate photography enhances your social media

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Social media is a powerful platform to reach a larger audience and promote your listings. Social media platforms can help you engage with potential clients, build your brand, and expand your reach! By implementing these tips, you can enhance your social media strategy for real estate, connect with your target audience effectively, and drive meaningful results for your business. 

Posting on social media is an excellent way to attract potential clients. Social media platforms offer immense potential for expanding your reach, building your brand, and generating valuable leads in the competitive real estate market.