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The Benefits of Using Zillow Premier

By Meaghan Loraas Last Updated February 24, 2022 3 min read

How can small real estate companies implement marketing strategies to grow their business? How can growing real estate agencies create sustainable growth and reach new clients? Many services are available for real estate professionals looking to improve and diversify their marketing strategy. Many of these services require some amount of monetary commitment. As a result, interested parties should learn more about the potential rewards of these investments. 

Real estate businesses are looking to increase their leads per month and advertising reach in 2022. So, many may consider investing in Zillow’s Premier Agent marketing service. If you are interested in Zillow Premier, read the following information to learn more.

What is Zillow Group?

Zillow Group’s brands and subsidiaries focus on renting, buying, and selling real estate in the United States. One of their brands,, is one of the most successful real estate websites nationwide, creating a platform for millions of active buyers to seek out available properties in their area. Zillow Premier Agent is another service that helps real estate agents advertise their business on Zillow’s websites. 

Zillow Agent Profiles

Before upgrading to Premier Agent, you will create a free Zillow agent profile. Similar to a physical business card, a digital agent profile on will broadcast your specialties and available properties to home shoppers in your market. Agent profiles appear each time a client searches for properties on

As stated, all real estate agents can create a Zillow agent profile free of cost. However, if you upgrade to Zillow Premier Agent, your profile appears before all non-Premier Agents, prioritizing your profile to potential clients. This will ensure that potential buyers are more likely to view your agent profile before the profiles of other (non-Premier) real estate businesses. 

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Zillow Premier can be a great source of lead generation for real estate professionals.

Generate Client Leads

One of the most helpful aspects of the services provided by Zillow Premier Agent is the client leads. The leads generated by Zillow Premier Agent are highly beneficial for real estate agents seeking rents and buyers in their area. 

How do Zillow Premier Agents receive these leads?

Premier Agents pay for “impressions” (users who may become substantive leads). On average, Premier Agents can expect to pay $20-$60 per 1,000 impressions. Out of 5,000 impressions, Zillow Premier Agents receive an average of 1 to 2 substantive leads resulting in a sale.

The cost per “impression” depends significantly on the median home price of your market. The higher the average cost of homes, the higher your cost per lead. When considering upgrading to Zillow Premier Agent, it is essential to look at this advertising service’s long-term cost/benefit. For many agents, Zillow Premier connects them with clients they would otherwise have struggled to reach with their current advertising or marketing strategy.

Reaching Potential Buyers

When you become a Zillow Premier Agent, your business will get premier ad placements on Zillow’s affiliated websites. Additionally, your ads may show up on any listing in your market (regardless of whether you are the listing agent or not). Therefore, buyers will be linked to your agent profile to see what current properties you have listed on the Zillow market.

As Zillow recommends, the most surefire way to turn these potential buyers into clients is to respond quickly and professionally. Zillow agents who respond to all leads (particularly with a phone call) are likely to see a higher rate of successful “leads-to-clients.” If you decide to invest in Premier Agent and do not see a high return rate, consider modifying your real estate CRM.

Should You Invest in Zillow Premier Agent?

Is Zillow Premier Agent right for your real estate agency? Premier Agent is a service that can vastly increase your reach in the real estate market. Becoming a Premier Agent also means that your business will be advertised across Zillow platforms (which reached an estimated 221 million monthly users in 2021). In short, Virtuance highly recommends that real estate professionals consider the many benefits of investing in this advertising service.