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Tips for Listing Acreage

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated October 13, 2021 3 min read

Unlike single-family homes or condos, selling vacant land or a property with significant acreage comes with a separate set of challenges and marketing strategies. For one, the demand for acreage is more niche. Secondly, the buyer typically has a specific set of needs, making marketing the land a bit more complicated. 

Below are some tips and considerations for listing acreage as a real estate professional or a landowner. 

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography and video must be your go-to visual marketing strategy for highlighting acreage. Satellite images are grainy and hard to interpret. Drone photography provides viewers with a literal overview of the property and the surrounding landscape. If buyers have particular needs, like proximity to the beach or a mountain range view, they can get a sense of distance and vantage point by reviewing the aerial real estate images. 

Additionally, aerial images with markup added help buyers understand property boundaries and where to locate the septic and well water, if applicable. 

Virtuance offers aerial photography in several markets nationwide. You can check availability and schedule a pilot by clicking this link

Professional Real Estate Photography

Don’t limit professional real estate photography to single-family homes and condos. Your acreage listing can benefit from high-quality real estate images, too. 

Real estate professionals should hire a photographer to help market their vacant land lots, especially if it has sweeping views or beautiful foliage on the property.

Whether or not your acreage offers highly desirable features, professional real estate images will help your listing stand out against your competition. 

Single Property Websites

A single property website is an excellent way to promote and share your acreage listing. The purpose of a single property website is to highlight the specific features and amenities of a listing. With one click, buyers see a landing page with the listing’s real estate images, features, amenities, map view, school statistics, and more. 

Buyers can easily share the link to a single property website with friends and family. You can also share the URL on your social media channels and track incoming leads. 

Select visual marketing providers, like Virtuance, include a single property website with every real estate image package. With Virtuance’s Marketing Suite, real estate agents receive a branded agent page where buyers can access all of their listings. An agent page is beneficial for buyers who want to find an agent that focuses on a specific location or property type. 

showcase acreage listing
Highlight your listing’s unique features with a single property website.

Factors to Consider When Listing a Property with Acreage

There are several things to consider when listing acreage. First of all, you should determine your target buyer based on the needs your land fulfills. For example, if your lot is in a growing town surrounded by restaurants and parks, a developer would likely be your target. 

On the other hand, if your land is expansive rural acreage, you may attract a buyer who enjoys agriculture or just some privacy. 

If there are neighbors on either side, your buyer may be right next door! Sometimes neighbors would prefer to keep an area free of further development and might consider buying the undeveloped land.  

Difference Between Listing Acreage and Listing Homes

The differences between listing acreage and listing a home can be intimidating for some real estate professionals. With land, you’re dealing with a niche market where the buyer has specific needs. 

When you list a home, you prepare it for real estate photos and showings by cleaning and decluttering. Listing acreage is no different in terms of needing to prepare the space. Always consider weeding the yard(s), planting or landscaping, and having a surveyor determine the property boundaries. 

Another difference between listing lots versus homes is securing financing. Buyers have a more difficult time getting a loan for a land purchase than a home purchase. This difficulty is due to the land being seen as a riskier investment to banks because there is no collateral. 

Listing acreage is intimidating and can create some challenges for landowners and real estate professionals. There are several ways to stand out when listing land, though. Aerial photography is necessary to provide views from above, and professional real estate photography is a beneficial way to showcase the land at ground level. A single property website allows buyers to share your listing easily. Remember, land buyers have particular needs, so providing as much information as possible through images and descriptions is essential!