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Top 10 Denver Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated March 18, 2022 4 min read

Denver regularly ranks nationally for top cities to live and work in. As a result, young professionals flock to Denver for opportunities in tech and healthcare. Denver is also near world-class skiing in mountain towns like Vail and Aspen. Also, in the summer and fall, Denver residents enjoy attending live concerts at Red Rocks, a stunning natural amphitheater.

If living in the heart of Colorado piques your interest, take a look at our top 10 Denver neighborhoods for young professionals: 

Washington Park

Washington Park, known by locals as “Wash Park,” is one of the most desirable neighborhoods for Coloradans. For example, mature trees and beautiful brick bungalows line the wide streets. Nestled in the center of the Wash Park neighborhood is the actual green space. Also, the park is a mile long by a quarter-mile wide, covering 165 acres. 

Residents of Washington Park enjoy local coffee shops, breweries, and top-rated restaurants. When the weather is nice, you’ll find plenty of cyclists, runners, and rollerbladers on the paved path encircling the park. For example, the green space welcomes volleyball players by the hundreds for intramural events and casual recreation. 

From several vantage points at Wash Park, visitors can see spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains. 

Best Restaurants in Washington Park: 


Uptown is another neighborhood with a large park and several top-ranked restaurants. Live music is easy to find in Uptown. There are two reputable venues near Uptown: the Filmore and the Ogden. Residents in Uptown also enjoy Jazz in the Park at City Park every Sunday in the summer.  

In addition to live music, Uptown is home to the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. 

Young professionals find Uptown a desirable neighborhood because of its walkability, bike-ability, and accessibility to public transit. 

Best Restaurants in Uptown:

Capitol Hill

Slightly south of Uptown sits the vibrant neighborhood of Capitol Hill. This arts and cultural district in Denver offers residents hip bars and restaurants and outdoor spaces like Cheeseman Park. As a result, many young professionals are attracted to the area.

Also, if you’re a modern-day plantsman, you’ll enjoy knowing that the Denver Botanic Gardens connects to Cheeseman Park. 

Best Restaurants in Capitol Hill:

Sloan’s Lake

In Sloan’s Lake neighborhood, you’ll find Denver’s second-largest park and most significant body of water. Additionally, residents enjoy the neighborhood park’s tennis courts, bike path, and lake for water sports. 

In addition to a massive green space, the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood offers delicious places to eat and drink. The community is mainly comprised of single-family homes and apartments. Additionally, with the construction boom, young professionals can choose between bungalows, Tudors, or more modern new-builds. 

Best Restaurants in Sloan’s Lake:

The Highlands

The Highlands neighborhood is located just north of Denver’s city center. Over the last several years, the Highlands underwent a significant facelift. Where you once found rundown, abandoned single-family homes, you’ll now find slick modern townhomes and luxury apartments. 

The Highlands offers endless entertainment to residents in Denver. Young professionals love the Highlands for its cocktail lounges, upscale restaurants, and local breweries. Also, a unique feature of the Highlands is Avanti Food and Beverage, a multi-level food hall with skyline views of Denver. 

The Highlands is desirable for its walkability to downtown Denver. Additionally, its panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains and the city skyline are amazing.

Best Restaurants in the Highlands: 

RiNo (River North Arts District)

RiNo is the mecca for aspiring artists. If you want to find inspiration, spend some time in this energetic neighborhood. For example, on a short walk through RiNo, you’ll see several art galleries alongside large murals painted directly onto brick buildings. 

In addition to creative businesses, most of the top-ranked restaurants in Denver are in RiNo. This neighborhood is somewhat an oddity in Denver, though. For example, the architectural design deviates from the typical brick bungalows and leans into its industrial roots. 

Best Restaurants in RiNo: 


Sunnyside is often mistaken for the Highlands, but residents want you to know that it’s a hood all on its own. The neighborhood draws in residents looking for a quieter community within a large city. As a result, many young professionals enjoy this cute little neighborhood with plenty of boutiques and coffeehouses. 

Sunnyside is considered one of the more affordable neighborhoods within Denver. 

Best Restaurants in Sunnyside: 


One of Denver’s most desirable shopping districts, Tennyson Street offers residents an array of eclectic storefronts and farm-to-table eateries. Additionally, the Tennyson/Berkley neighborhood is in Northwest Denver, just north of Sloan’s Lake. 

Young professionals enjoy spending weekends browsing shops along Tennyson Street between beer stops at breweries and pubs. Also, the restaurants in the area provide a wide variety of delicious snacks.

Best Restaurants in Tennyson/Berkley: 

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South Broadway

South Broadway is a thrifter’s dream neighborhood. For example, along S Broadway, you’ll find over a hundred antique stores and consignment shops. In addition to thrifting, residents love South Broadway for its taverns, pubs, and dive bars. 

Also, this neighborhood is home to University of Denver undergrads and graduate students, which brings a youthful energy to the area. 

Best Restaurants in South Broadway: 

Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek is a shopping destination for those seeking high-end boutiques, jewelry shops, and sought-after brand names. For example, residents enjoy Cherry Creek’s walkability with 16 blocks of storefronts, restaurants, and outdoor areas for lounging. 

Also, as an added benefit, Cherry Creek’s location allows residents easy access to other neighborhoods like Washington Park and Capitol Hill. 

Best Restaurants in Cherry Creek: 

There’s no denying that Denver has plenty to offer young professionals. Whichever Denver neighborhood you choose to live in, you’ll find a variety of parks, walking paths, shopping districts, and fun eateries waiting for you. Also, if you’re interested in learning more about the Denver real estate market, make sure to keep up with our blog!