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Top 9 Mindfulness Apps for Busy Realtors

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated February 22, 2023 3 min read
Top 10 Mindfulness Apps for Busy Real Estate Agents

You spend your mornings prospecting, your afternoons showing homes, and your evenings catching up on emails with buyer/seller leads. For a real estate agent, every day is busy and often chaotic. 

Your workdays don’t have to feel so crazy, though. There are several ways to calm your mind and refocus your energy. There are dozens of mindfulness apps you can use while on the go. Most of these mindfulness apps focus on practicing meditation, forming productive routines, and improving sleep. 

We love mindfulness apps for real estate professionals because the apps are easy and convenient to use while offering actual, data-driven results. 

Here are our top 10 mindfulness apps for real estate agents: 


Calm is one of the most popular mindfulness apps, ranking #8 for the most downloaded app in the health and fitness category. 

Also, Calm offers users several meditation sessions, daily check-ins, and a sleep remix series. The sleep remix series plays familiar songs reworked with a tempo to promote restfulness. 

Sleep Stories

The most impressive feature of the Calm app is the sleep stories. Calm partners with celebrities, like Harry Styles, to read sleep stories in a “Yoga Nidra“-inspired style. 

Users can try Calm for free with a 7-day trial. Calm is available for Andriod and iOS users for $69.99/year. 


Aura offers users emotional help, journaling, nature sounds, music, and even hypnosis sessions. 

Aura’s meditation types adapt to the user’s needs through machine learning algorithms. Real estate agents will find Aura helpful with morning- and evening-themed meditations. 

Mental Health

Aura provides several tools to improve mental health. Unlike other mindfulness apps, Aura has several cognitive-behavioral therapists and life coaches available for paid members. Their profound breadth of content and resources is designed to improve mental health and happiness. 

Users can try Aura as a 7-day free trial. Aura is available in the app store for $59.99/year. 


Breethe is one of the most comprehensive meditations apps available. It helps users build confidence and overall happiness by focusing on specific issues. Furthermore, it allows users to create a daily routine through well-timed meditation sessions: Today, Focus at Work, Take a Break, Unwind After Work, Elevate Your Evening, Fall Asleep. 

Users can test out Breethe with a 14-day free trial or sign up as a member for $89.99/year. 

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is a simple meditation app with no fluff. It’s perfect for real estate agents with busy schedules. All you need is 10 minutes a day to enjoy a free meditation on Smiling Mind. This is a great beginner’s app to use between showings or before open houses. 

The Smiling Mind app is free for all users. 


The creators of Buddhify believe that users shouldn’t have to find to meditate. Instead, their philosophy is that meditation finds the right time to come to you. Buddhify offers mindfulness sessions categorized by what you’re doing and how your feeling throughout the day. 

Buddhify is available for $30/year. 


Headspace is considered the meditation app. The simple interface and library of meditation sessions help users build lasting routines that develop long-term happiness. Unlike most mindfulness apps, Headspace offers both quality and variety in their meditation sessions, which incorporate video. 

If you want to create new habits to help achieve your real estate goals, give Headspace a try. 

You can download a free trial before purchasing for $69.99/year. 

Simple Habit

Similar to Smiling Mind, Simple Habit takes meditation down to the basics. Real estate agents who want to add a meditation practice without the bells and whistles will find Simple Habit an attractive option. Simple Habit is pricier than Headspace at $89.99/year, but avoiding sensory/feature overload may be worth it. 

Simple Habit also includes a free plan. 

Inside Timer

Inside Timer is a fantastic app for customizing your meditation practice. With several free sessions, Inside Timer is a great mindfulness platform. In addition to meditation sessions, Inside Timer hosts several mindfulness events and courses. 

It may not be the right app for beginners, though. The user interface is too open-ended and leaves some users guessing what to do next. 

Inside Timer is available for free on the app store and has a Member Plus option for $60/year. 


The Medito Foundation, a non-profit organization, designed the Medito app to help improve lives through life balance management and meditation. The app is free to use and has an updated user interface. 

Meditation Practice Tips

Forming a meditation practice can feel confusing for beginners. How do you start meditating? Does meditating manifest mindfulness? You can download all 10 of the above apps and still not get it. 

Here are some tips for beginners: 

  • Create a designated space: ideally, a quiet, peaceful area in your home, but if you’re an agent on the go, this may be your car. 
  • Choose a specific time(s) to meditate. This step helps you form a more vigorous practice.
  • Take a few deep breaths to remove stale air and tension. 
  • Release your expectations.
  • Allow your mind to notice passing thoughts without frustration.
  • Journal about your session if time permits.