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Top Resources for Property Investors

By Staff Writer Last Updated July 26, 2022 2 min read

Property investors look to you as a real estate agent for all the answers. However, agents are only human too, and often they encounter situations that require the use of other resources to help supplement their knowledge. 

To help keep you well-equipped to handle any situation thrown your way, we have compiled a collection of resources that provide a wealth of knowledge and assistance.

Learn and Succeed in Real Estate Investing

One of the first conversations you should have with property investors, especially first-timers, is about how the real estate investing process has a bit of a learning curve. Mistakes will happen, and while investors can learn from them, educational investment resources can help prevent detrimental issues. 

As a real estate agent, you can provide invaluable resources to your potential clients. Your resources can help first-time investors tremendously while lending credibility to your real estate knowledge. 

Property Management Software: RentPost

A property management software system will make your clients’ lives much easier. Some real estate investors hesitate to try and implement a new software program while stressed and overwhelmed with the buying process. However, RentPost places heavy emphasis on being user-friendly. 

RentPost offers users help to save them countless hours. This property management system provides accounting services, online rent collection, work order management, and more. 

Give it a shot by heading to the RentPost website and browsing the latest features.

Third-Party Listing Sites: Zillow, Realtor

The resources real estate investors have the most experience with are likely third-party listing websites like Zillow and Realtor

As a real estate agent, it is best to acknowledge this familiarity while teaching your investor clients when these resources are helpful and when they are less so. 

Multifamily Home Tool: Rentometer

Potential investors would benefit from the Rentometer tool online if they are interested in multifamily homes. 

This website allows the investor to add three pieces of information–the property address, the number of bedrooms, and the rent projection–and the Rentometer tool provides the investor with price comparisons of rental properties in the immediate area. 

Real Estate Investment Marketplace: Roofstock

This next resource helps real estate investors get a bigger picture of the real estate market. Roofstock provides a breakdown of the major real estate markets across the nation. 

The website is a gold mine of information about hot real estate markets and shows projected housing appreciation, market growth, etc. The website is user-friendly and cleanly merges data with the ability to see current listings in the area.  

Listing Photography: Virtuance

Real estate photography isn’t just for listing a home. Professional photography helps long-term rental properties and vacation rentals generate more interest online. Virtuance offers real estate agents, property managers, and investors high-quality professional listing images in several markets nationwide. 

With Virtuance, you can schedule a listing shoot online with one of several photographers in your area. Virtuance offers several photography enhancements and marketing add-ons to help further promote your investment property.