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Real Estate Magic: Harness the Power of Twilight

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated May 11, 2021 3 min read


Show off contrasting hues, warm interiors and brilliant sunsets with twilight photography and evening showings

Magic. It’s a remarkable occurrence that can provoke a sense of wonder, enchantment, and awe. When we’re young, we experience magic in fairy tales and wild imaginations, eventually growing to see magic in new ways like a natural phenomenon (think 2017’s Total Solar Eclipse), stunning architecture, and really good sushi.

Magic can happen before our eyes or through captivating imagery and stories.

Magic in Real Estate with Twilight Photography

In markets saturated with new “for sale” signs daily, it is imperative to stand out. Add a little magic to your listing with twilight photography! Try capturing your home during the most beautiful time of day where sunset colors and soft blue ambient light at twilight provide the ideal setting for magazine-cover exteriors and softly-lit, warm and intimate interiors.


Similarly, try a unique approach to an open house or a showing by inviting buyers and agents during twilight hours. We will discuss these benefits later on in this post.

Twilight Photography Makes Enchanting Features Sparkle

If your listing boasts a captivating backyard with walkways, exotic foliage, infinity pools and spellbinding views, a twilight photo package will immediately grab any buyer’s attention online.


Another feature twilight photos play up is large, panoramic views. This can be stunning views of the city skyline or mountain views, especially if a pink alpenglow dances across the range.

Also, twilight photos allude to the welcoming and inviting qualities of a home. The warmth of the interior lights contrasting with the setting sun reinstate feelings of safety and comfort for buyers.

See more twilight photos by Virtuance here.

Benefits to Twilight Showings

There are a number of benefits to hosting a twilight showing of your newest listing. In certain markets, weekday twilight showings can be very convenient and relevant to both buyers and sellers.

Buyers enjoy twilight showings because they can stop by after work and view the house in the light that they would experience it the most during the week. This particular time-slot for a showing will attract young working professionals, which now make up 33% of the market.


Sellers have grown fond of weekday twilight showings as well. Traditional open houses can take hours out of a weekend and sellers usually have to find somewhere else to be. Twilight showings, however, allow the sellers to get their weekends back.

Agents benefit from twilight showings too, because it creates a great networking opportunity. Instead of simply showing the house in the evening, try this results-driven approach: Promote a private showing party through an invite-only email. Make an event out of the evening with appetizers and refreshments. If the property calls for it, hire entertainment like a DJ or band.

These twilight showing parties work well if you have a property with special features like a gourmet kitchen, an incredible backyard or a new bathroom renovation with views of the valley.

Consistency Creates Magic

Selecting a professional twilight package for your next listing will make your property stand out amongst the hundreds of daytime listings. Twilight photos draw in the buyer quickly, making a case for why they should view the home in person – that day. This technique will showcase your listing in the most beautiful light, which leads to more showings and a quicker sale. Not to mention, professional twilight photos are a fantastic way to build your real estate portfolio and brand.

Now go out there and make some magic!

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