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How Twilight Real Estate Photography Can Enhance Your Listings

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated April 5, 2023 3 min read

As a real estate agent, it is important to show your listings in the best possible light. There are several ways to enhance your listing marketing, including professional photography, aerial videos, or a 3D virtual tour. 

You can take your professional images a step further with twilight real estate photography. Twilight real estate photography creates stunning and captivating photos of your properties, attracting potential buyers and helping your listings stand out online. 

What is twilight real estate photography?

Twilight real estate photography is a method that involves capturing images of a property during the “twilight” hours, which is the time just after sunset or right before sunrise. This time of day creates a soft glow adding depth, dimension, and marvel to your photos. 

In short, twilight photography makes your listing more visually appealing to potential buyers.

How do real estate photographers take twilight photos?

To take twilight real estate photos, photographers use specialized techniques while relying on the essence of the sky’s light after sunset. A tripod is standard to keep the camera steady with a long exposure time to allow enough light into the camera. 

Sometimes, photographers use a combination of natural lighting and a light kit to help create a warm and comforting look for interior photos.

A dreary evening can get in the way of the perfect twilight shot. Fortunately, some photography providers have strategies to combat overcast. To combat this, Virtuance has a marketing enhancement called Blue Sky Guarantee. This post-production sky replacement ensures the perfect twilight photo for any listing, no matter the weather. 

How twilight photos can enhance your listings

If your listing images stand out from the competition, you drive more traffic to your property. Increased engagement online helps improve your listing’s exposure and generate more real estate leads

There are several ways that twilight photos elevate your listing marketing, from capturing more attention to creating an inviting space that buyers must see in person. 

Capture attention online

A listing featuring twilight photography is more eye-catching than the daylight listing photos it’s competing against. And because twilight images are so good at capturing buyer attention, buyers are more likely to remember the home throughout their search. 

Stand out from the competition

It’s proven that professional real estate photography generates more attention online. Pair that with enhanced twilight images, and your listing is sure to stand out. 

There’s no denying that an exterior real estate photo featuring a pink, orange, and yellow sky draws in more prospective buyers. 

Create warmth

Twilight photography creates a sense of warmth and comfort in your photos. This can be especially effective for properties with a cozy or inviting feel, like a cabin or a bungalow. Additionally, twilight photography can make colder industrial interiors feel more welcoming.  

By enhancing the relaxing nature of the property, you help potential buyers envision a comfy at-home lifestyle with your listing. 

Showcase different features

Twilight photography can also highlight different features of a property. Sometimes with daylight photography, buyers look over a listing’s best features. If a property has a stunning view of the city skyline or a beautiful outdoor entertainment area, twilight photography can showcase these features in a more dramatic, dimensional way.  

That said, some real estate agents feel that twilight photography is reserved for luxury listings. While luxury listings look incredible with twilight photography, any listings can benefit from this photo enhancement. 

Add twilight photography to your real estate portfolio

As you build your real estate brand, you want a wide range of listing photos for your portfolio. It’s important to show potential clients how you market a variety of listings

Virtuance provides real estate agents with several visual marketing solutions, including professional daytime photography, aerial videos and photos, and twilight photography. In addition to different photography packages, Virtuance offers floorplans, 3D virtual tours, single listing websites, and more. 

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