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Why Your Orlando Listings Need Professional Photography

By Mike Chen Last Updated June 12, 2023 3 min read

We know you’ve seen those MLS listing photos that look like the homeowner’s 6-year-old took them. Photos of messy rooms, blurry and dark photos, and even exterior shots snatched from Google Earth.

We’ve all had clients refuse to look at homes based solely on the MLS photos when, in fact, we’ve seen them, and they aren’t as bad as the photos make them appear. To help you close more deals and sell more listings in Orlando, you need professional real estate photography

Why use an Orlando real estate photographer

It’s not the homeowner’s job to photograph the home—it’s the listing agent’s! Sadly, many agents will snap these photos with their smartphones or a cheap camera they bought on sale at Amazon.

If you are a real estate agent, it’s essential to partner with a reputable real estate photography company like Virtuance. Virtuance provides high-quality photography, 3D tours, and floor plans to help sell real estate and single-family rental brands nationwide. You can see some of the wonderful projects they have done for me below:

Toy Story bedroom
Finding Nemo bedroom
Collage of Disney themed rooms

Another big reason to insist on professional photography comes from another study I reviewed. This one found that listings with photos taken by a pro are viewed 61% more than those taken by an amateur. Better yet, these homes can sell for up to about $19,000 more than those photographed by a novice.

Why don’t all real estate agents use professional photographers?

In all honesty, many real estate agents (not all, but a lot of them) don’t take the time to keep up with real estate industry studies and think that iPhone photos or other amateur tactics are “good enough.” 

But as the study above and many others have noted, professional real estate photography sells your listings. While it’s an upfront expense, you’ll easily make it up by selling your listing for more and having real estate pictures you can use in the future for marketing and advertising. 

Using professional real estate photography in your marketing plan

We’ve read the statistics, and long ago, we adjusted our marketing plan to include professional photography.  And here’s why:

  • Studies show that homebuyers looking at online listings of homes for sale won’t look at a home in person if the listing lacks photos.
  • If the listing does include photos, homebuyers decide within 20 seconds whether or not they like the property.
  • Ocular studies (following eye movements of website viewers) have found that the photo of the home is almost always the first thing viewed in a listing.

If these statistics don’t prove that a home’s presentation is paramount in getting buyers through the door, nothing does.

Ask yourself this: If all it takes is any old photo to sell something, why doesn’t Nike use its receptionist to snap their advertising photos? Because they, like us, know better.

How Virtuance can help sell your Orlando real estate listings

The bottom line is we understand that to be effective in listing and selling homes, we can’t possibly wear all the hats in our real estate practice. We want only the best for our clients, and we aren’t willing to compromise on quality when it comes to a home’s presentation.

Owning a home is the dream of many, and we want yours to be a realization from the minute someone sees it online. Reach out to Virtuance to learn more about their Orlando real estate photography services.

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