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What Are Virtual Real Estate Tours?

By Carolyn Vento Last Updated December 8, 2022 3 min read

In recent years, convenience has been a top priority for society in all aspects of life. People strive to maximize their time by embracing options when looking for a home. 

Virtual tours in real estate are one of these choices that can be a safe, effective solution to an overly booked schedule. As a busy real estate professional, virtual tours cater to the Millenial and Gen Z home buyers, who prefer to spend time searching online before contacting an agent. 

By offering virtual tours, you are more likely to get qualified leads to close more deals. 

What is a virtual tour?

Virtual real estate tours, an alternative to in-person open houses and virtual showings, are video or 3D photo tours for potential buyers to view a home. 

Buyers do not immediately interact with agents but rather explore the home through pictures and videos at their own pace. 

Professional real estate photos and staging will make them feel like they are actually walking through the homes without ever having to leave their own. They can even retake the tour to revisit details or show a family member.

Why should you use a virtual tour in real estate?

Choosing to attend an open house in person or to take a virtual tour is a matter of preference. If you’re unsure of whether you should hold an open house or offer a virtual tour, here are several reasons why you should consider virtual tours:

Popular to look at homes online

Virtual tours may have started due to safety concerns during the pandemic, but they are convenient and worthwhile. 

For example, if a potential client wants to see a home in another state, they can save time and money with a virtual tour. If clients come down with an illness during the upcoming winter months, they can still look at your virtual tours without putting anyone at risk. 

Since these virtual tours are in high demand, you can bet potential clients will be hoping to find this option on your website.

More control over the showing

When someone schedules a virtual showing, an agent can showcase the space using available options. 

To help buyers visualize the size of the space and picture themselves living there, virtual staging should be used. This process involves decluttering the home and using photo-editing software to style it. You can also include information about any exclusive features of the house they may otherwise miss.

Boosts your marketing plan

Posting about your virtual tour will attract more potential buyers, which can lead to more leads and deals. While they are on your website looking at the tour, they may check out other properties or services you offer. 

If your content is valuable, they will see you as an expert and may refer you to friends and family. Virtual tours can also save you time, as uninterested buyers can easily weed themselves out without you ever having to show the home to them in person. 

Serious potential buyers will often book an in-person tour as a follow-up to the virtual tour, bringing you one step closer to a sale.

Virtual real estate tours with Virtuance

When homes have a 3D virtual tour option, 95% of buyers are likelier to call about them. If you’re looking to set up a 3D virtual tour, Virtuance has the options you’re looking for. 

We can create a 3D walkthrough of the entire property with our HDReal® 360° panoramic images.  Our professional real estate photography will be an asset for staging, listings, tours, and more to help you attract more attention and sell your listings faster.


It’s easy to learn how to use a virtual tour. These tours utilize professional real estate pictures to simulate an in-person tour. Buyers will look through the photos and feel as though they are actually walking through the home. 

The virtual tour can incorporate different multimedia types, including videos, photos, and floor plans.

Yes! Virtual tours are worth it for buyers, sellers, and agents. When there are health concerns during cold and flu season, a virtual tour can prevent the spreading of germs. 

Virtual tours also are convenient and an excellent way for people to avoid travel while still getting a chance to view homes that are far away.