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New Updates to the Virtuance Marketing Suite: VMS 2.0

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated May 11, 2021 2 min read

We are excited to announce new features and developments to the Virtuance Marketing Suite, our in-house single property website and brochure creation tool. VMS 2.0 features include the Ken Burns effect for creating dynamic tours, listing tour music (22 songs available!), and important gallery updates.

A big thank you to our clients who provided the Virtuance development team valuable feedback, which we were able to implement into the VMS 2.0 launch!

VMS 2.0 Feature Breakdown

Below you will find more information on the new features as well as short webinars on how to find/add those features to your next Virtuance listing.

The Ken Burns Effect

The Ken Burns Effect is a video editing style for still imagery made popular by documentary filmmaker Ken Burns. It involves zooming, panning, and fading to create a dynamic visual effect for images.

This effect is built into the tour design, which means you don’t have to do any extra steps to see this feature on your VMS tours!

VMS 2.0 Ken Burns Effect Feature

VMS Tour Music

Music is now available for your virtual listing tours in the VMS! There are 22 songs for you to choose from within the Virtual Marketing Suite.

When logged into the Virtuance Marketing Suite, you will find the Music Button added to the tab on the dashboard. Within this section, you can sample different tracks before selecting one for your virtual listing tour. The music will automatically loop during your tour.

Learn more about music in this short webinar:

VMS 2.0 Tour Music Feature

Image Gallery Features

We added several exciting new features to the VMS gallery. You now have the ability to multi-select images, open individual images, and download individual images!

This quick webinar will walk you through each of the new image gallery features:

VMS 2.0 New Gallery Features

We want to thank you for your valuable feedback on what features and changes you wanted to see added to the VMS. With your help, we are happy to deliver these important updates in the VMS 2.0!