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What is a Hero Shot in Real Estate Photography?

By Meaghan Loraas Last Updated February 2, 2022 2 min read

Any experienced real estate agent will tell you the importance of the hero shot in drawing attention from prospective buyers. In a crowded, competitive market that buyers can easily access through social media, one effect hero shot can set a property apart and seal the deal for some happy customers.

What is a Hero Shot?

In real estate photography, the hero shot refers to a photo used as the primary focus for marketing materials. It is the hook that should draw attention to the property. The hero shot photography must be top-notch.

Features of a Successful Hero Shot

Generally, the hero shot will be an exterior photo that highlights the property’s unique appeal. Many real estate agents prefer to use an exterior image of the back of the property, mainly if the property contains a pool or some other family-entertainment feature.

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Properties that offer unique ways to enjoy time with family and friends draw people in.

Another essential feature is the angle of the photo. You do not want the image to be too zoomed in. If it is, it blocks the full scope of the home and any attractive property features around the house. The hero shot should give the viewer a grand, wide-frame look at all the home has to offer. Taking the photo with some elevation can help achieve this effect, and it will resist a more mundane, everyday appearance.

Twilight Photography Hero Shots

Lighting in a hero shot is essential to giving the photo a dramatic, appealing look. The best time to take a hero shot is around twilight. This will give the home the benefits of both the friendly and approachable daytime lighting with the shadows and dramatic feel of nighttime lighting. Remember, you want to create a photo that will draw viewers’ attention and make them interested in the property–so the more vibrant and exciting your hero shot is, the better. Real estate photos are more than just exterior shots, of course, but your hero shot will most likely be one of your exterior shots.

Real Estate Drone Photography

Using a drone can be extremely helpful in taking the perfect hero shot. When using a high photo quality drone, you can achieve many angles that would not be possible otherwise. Also, a drone can help with getting the right amount of elevation to maximize the desired scope and lighting. One of Virtuance’s real estate photography services is aerial images and video! 

Benefits of Professional Real Estate Photographers

Hiring a professional real estate photographer to take the hero shot can pay dividends in the long run. A professional will have training and experience in different images, twilight images, natural light, and more. The hero shot is the shining jewel in your marketing campaign, so hiring a professional photographer to give you the best possible product can be the best option for pulling in new clients.

Just as you are an expert in helping people buy and sell homes, real estate photographers are experts in visually demonstrating the beauty and appeal of homes. Spending money on an expert-made product can, in turn, bring you more listings. Check out our gallery of real estate images and consider using Virtuance for your next listing.