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Why Are Listing Photos So Important?

By Staff Writer Last Updated March 22, 2022 3 min read

In today’s housing market, competition is at an all-time high. The online housing market is the primary source for potential buyers to find their new homes. With the majority of prospective buyers doing extensive online research before even contacting a real estate agent, it’s important to focus on high-quality photos for your online listings. Professional listing photos are the most crucial way to make a great first impression on potential homebuyers. When listing your home, it’s important to remember that quality will always be better than quantity when it comes to real estate photos. Finding the right real estate photographer who can properly capture the beauty of your listing can help get your listing off the ground and running. 

optimize listing photos
Professional real estate images help listing agents sell their homes faster and for more money.

A lot of work goes into selling a home and while professional photos may seem like one of the things that take the least amount of work and effort, it’s actually quite the contrary. Before we talk about the reasons it is so important to have quality listing photos, here are some crucial tips to think about when strategizing your listing photos.

Crucial Listing Photo Tips

  • Less is More. When listing your home, it’s important to know the limit of photos that you can post on your listing. It does vary on location for MLS websites, but sites like Zillow can allow up to 100 photos. Make sure you’re not adding too many images, duplicate photos, or too many images of the same room. Virtuance’s marketing suite makes it easy for you to choose your favorite images from your shoot. Additionally, virtual tours are automatically uploaded to your personal listing site when you work with Virtuance for your professional photography needs.
  • Don’t Forget to Show the Whole Room. Ceilings and flooring can be just as important as the rest of the room to a potential buyer. It could end up being a deciding factor for buying a home for someone. Make sure your real estate photographer is getting a full-room view. When you purchase a photo package from Virtuance, you can rest assured that your photographer has gone through real estate-specific training to ensure your listing photos attract leads.
  • Proper Lighting is Essential. As with any photo, utilizing the surrounding light to get the best outcome for an image is an essential part to making the image “pop”. Natural light and proper use of shadows can make a great impression on potential buyers. Outdoor photos should be scheduled at a time when there is enough light to show off the property’s architecture with a professional exterior photo.

Now that you have these tips, let’s get into why it’s so important to have great listing photos!

Earn More $$ With Professional Real Estate Photography

Taking professional grade listing photos can take up a lot of time and resources when you’re trying to sell a home. Outsourcing your listing pictures to a third-party photographer or real estate photographer could not only save you time, but earn you more money in the long run! A study has shown that real estate agents that outsource photos to a professional real estate photographer earn almost twice as much commission as those that don’t! Don’t miss out on more earnings by taking shortcuts! Hire the right professional photographer for your listing.

real estate photography
Show off your listing’s unique architecture with professional exterior shots.

Professional Photos Can Attract Buyers

We’ve already established that quality over quantity is important when considering your listing image, but why? When a potential homebuyer is searching for their next home online, professional real estate images will stand out much more than others. It will entice that buyer to visit the home even more because they already have a good sense of what they’re getting. Listing agents who use professional photography services like Virtuance tend to sell homes faster and for more money. These images create a more complete and beautiful image that can sell a home before the buyer even steps foot in the door.

Sell Homes Faster With Virtuance!

Because professional real estate photography has become so crucial to the home selling and buying process, Virtuance is committed to providing quality images for all listings. Amateur listing images can’t capture homes the same way that a professional photographer can. Utilizing lighting, shadows, and the whole room or house the right way can sell homes much quicker and result in more sales for more money. Don’t settle for less when Virtuance can handle all of your professional real estate photography to help sell your listings and maximize your commissions!