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3 Benefits to Being a Zillow Premier Agent

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated March 16, 2022 4 min read

Zillow is the most visited real estate listing website globally, with over 36 million unique visitors per month. While real estate agents set their clients up with an MLS log-in, most buyers still primarily search third-party listing sites for properties. Whether you’re a fan of real estate sites like Zillow and Trulia or not, having a presence on the platforms is crucial for your business. 

It’s free to create a real estate profile on Zillow. If you don’t already have a built-out Zillow profile, here’s how to do it in just seven steps

A free Zillow real estate profile is excellent, but a Zillow Premier Agent profile is where the inbound leads happen. But is becoming a Zillow Premier Agent worth the cost? Before diving into the key benefits of acquiring the Zillow Premier Agent status, let’s review the pricing options. 

Zillow offers two different payment packages for Premier Agents. The standard plan is where agents pay upfront for a share of voice within a set zip code. The flex plan allows Premier Agents to make connections and generate leads without paying Zillow upfront. Instead, Zillow applies a success fee after closing. 

The flex plan benefits powerful converters as those agents receive a larger share of connections over time. Depending on the agent’s zip code, the standard plan costs anywhere from $20 to $60 a lead

The plan you choose depends on your real estate strategy. Regardless, being a Zillow Premier Agent comes with several perks. 

Below are three essential benefits of becoming a Premier Agent that, to us, 100-percent justify the cost: 

Zillow connects you with active buyers and sellers 

The benefit to Zillow Premier Agent is that Zillow actively connects you with motivated buyers and sellers. Zillow places your contact information and a request form as the first option to inquire about the listing on listings that are yours. 

On listings where the agent is not paying for Zillow Premier Agent, they place three Premier Agents as the first contact options. Additionally, a buyer can request information about a listing, and if it’s in your zip code, Zillow may put them in touch with you, depending on your share of voice. 

When sellers search for their home address on Zillow or Google, Zillow prompts them to claim their home. After filling out the information, Zillow populates lead capture forms to encourage them to consult a Premier Agent. These forms route to Premier Agents in the Seller Boost Program. 

Zillow features you on the Agent Finder

Zillow’s Agent Finder tool is evident on the navigation bar. This tool allows buyers and sellers to search for an agent in their city. Once a prospective client inputs their city or zip code, local agents populate the page.

There’s a Featured Agents section above the agent list where a city’s Premier Agents appear. When you’re a Premier Agent, you have a much higher chance of receiving a click on your profile from the Agent Finder page. 

Zillow gives you an inside look at the competition

Zillow allows Premier Agents to see how much their competition is spending in each zip code. This feature is a massive benefit for agents looking to get a leg up on Zillow. If you notice a local agent thriving on Zillow, look at their profile and then click on ad tools to see what they are up to. Additionally, study their actual profile and see what stands out to you. 

How to stand out on Zillow as a real estate agent

You can help your Zillow real estate agent profile stand out by following a few crucial steps:  

Fill out your profile completely. 

If you’re on Zillow, your profile needs to include everything the website prompts you to fill in. Their algorithms prefer beefy agent profiles over sparse ones.

You want buyers and sellers to find your profile, and filling out your profile gives you the best chance possible. 

Upload a professional headshot. 

First impressions matter online. Several agents on Zillow have no profile picture, or even worse: a dated, unprofessional headshot.

Your profile picture is an extension of your brand. It should be high-quality and in-focus. Always hire a professional to take your headshot. Make sure you updated your headshot at least every two years. 

Use a professional real estate photographer. 

Your Zillow profile includes a section for active and past listings. The best thing you can do for clients and your brand image is to hire a professional real estate photographer for all of your listings.

Denver real estate photography

You want the listing thumbnails to look eye-catching and high-quality. Also, professionally photographed listings receive 2x more clicks than listings shot by an amateur photographer.

Potential clients want to know that you are marketing their property and have a plan in place to sell their home quickly and for more money. Additionally, always highlight the listing with a virtual tour like Zillow 3D Home®

Always follow up with Zillow leads. 

If you pay for the Zillow Premier Agent status, it’s in your best interest to actively engage with your leads. Zillow helps create a connection between you and the potential client. It’s then your job to maintain the line of communication. Ask the questions you need to know, set up a listing appointment, or see where they are in the buying process. Also, consider creating an email marketing strategy where you place your leads into a nurturing drip campaign. 

Becoming a Zillow Premier Agent helps grow your real estate business faster with powerful lead generation tools and insightful data. If you’re interested in boosting your brand awareness, generating valuable buyer and seller leads, and accessing market insights, get a quote to become Zillow Premier Agent today.