"Virtuance understands lighting, angles, and the purpose of real estate specific photography. They also understand timelines and are easy to schedule with a quick turnaround time."

The Challenge

Matt Thomson has been in residential real estate since 2004. Prior to working as the Employing Broker for Fathom Realty, Colorado, he ran a team in the Greater Seattle area. 

Throughout his career, Matt faced frustration when competing against brokerages built on the discount model system. The lure of "saving money" by paying a low flat fee was blinding his potential clients.

The Results

With Virtuance, Matt's appointment to listings taken ratio has gone from 88% to 94%. He wins more listings and sells them faster. Matt also reported an increased number of showings, higher sell prices and an improved quality of his brand.

The Solution

A friend of Matt's reached out to him after his listing sat on the market for nearly two months. Matt placed Virtuance images from another listing side-by-side with his friend's and it became apparent that Virtuance was the key to success.

Matt took on his friend's listing and used Virtuance Real Estate Photography. The listing sold within three weeks.