"We partner with Virtuance to ensure our professionals receive quality professional photos on the MLS that will help them gain more interest."

The Challenge



At Realty ONE Group, we strive to open doors around the world, one home, dream, and life at a time.


Our network of over 17,000 real estate professionals nationwide relies heavily on consistent and quality listing materials to succeed, and before partnering with Virtuance, we relied on the services of individual local photographers in each market.


Over time, we noticed that our network of professionals had difficulty scheduling shoots in a timely manner and encountered availability issues with individual photographers.


As a result, they struggled to get their listings on the market quickly. Moreover, professionals expressed concern over the unpredictability of the weather and how it adversely affected their listing photos. 


Due to these challenges, we needed a professional and national solution to offer to our affiliates. Overall image quality and quick turnaround times were essential factors in choosing a new photography partner.

The Solution



In order to resolve these issues with timing and quality, we turned to Virtuance’s team and their overall top-quality service. 


The quick and efficient service provided by Virtuance ultimately convinced us to partner with them. Having partnered with Virtuance, we are most impressed with the organization and the people leading the marketing charge. With Virtuance’s high-quality editing and service, we have been able to overcome our previous challenges.


We partner with Virtuance to ensure our professionals receive quality professional photos on the MLS that will help them gain more interest. Professional photos on the MLS are proven to get more clicks, which is why we recommend Virtuance to our affiliates. Their schedules can be accommodated easily by Virtuance’s nationwide network of photographers, fast turnaround times, and scheduling flexibility.


In addition, Virtuance provides marketing enhancements that help our professionals overcome any weather challenges they might face. For instance, they can schedule Virtuance’s blue sky guarantee so their professional images are not negatively affected by bad weather.


We recommend Virtuance’s high-quality, consistent real estate photography solutions to our network of professionals to help them succeed in their careers. Virtuance is continually growing in popularity among ROG affiliates as more and more are using Virtuance marketing services daily. 

Interested in partnering with Virtuance?

Give your team all they need to succeed with Virtuance as your go-to professional real estate photographer for consistent, magazine-quality images that are scientifically proven to get results.