3D Virtual Tours and Interactive Floor Plan

3D tours that
work for you!

Zillow 3D Home® tours and interactive floor plans offer you high-quality virtual tours with unlimited sharing capabilities, more exposure, and zero hosting fees. 

Get this amazing value for free with every Portland-area image package until March 31st, 2022!

*Currently available in select markets
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Zillow 3D Home® + HDReal®

Images powered by science

Unlock your listing's potential by combining a Zillow 3D Home® tour with our HDReal® images!

HDReal® combines the work of highly-skilled real estate photographers with our proprietary AI-image processing algorithms to create stunning images proven to capture 2x more attention than other leading photography solutions. 


Zillow 3D Home:
A better virtual tour experience

Share Almost Anywhere

Your tour and floor plan can be shared online via an unbranded link and can be embedded on your own website.

Zero Hosting Fees

Your Zillow 3D Home® tour is hosted for free and never expires.

Cost Effective

A Zillow 3D Home® tour is the same quality as other virtual tour solutions at a fraction of the price.

More Exposure

Receive more views and engagement thanks to priority placement throughout Zillow and Trulia.

More Engagement

On average, Zillow listings that feature a 3D Home® tour receive 45% more views and 57% more saves. (Based on data collected August 2021 - October 2021)


More interest,
More winning!

With 220 million average monthly unique users, Zillow is one of the largest home shopper networks in the country.

When you power your listing with a Zillow 3D Home® tour, your listing will rise above listings without a 3D tour through priority positioning throughout Zillow.

Interactive Floor Plan

Have a plan

74% of buyers and 63% of renters "somewhat" or "completely" agreed that a dynamic floor plan that shows what part of the home each photo depicts would help them determine if the home was right for them.* 

Your interactive floor plan will help give agents, property managers, and appraisers the info they need to virtually measure, assess and connect your listing to a larger buying market, eager to find a layout just like yours.

(*Source: Zillow Consumer Housing Trends Report 2021: Buyers and Renters )

*Currently available in select markets

A Powerful Virtual Tour Solution

Zillow 3D Home® Tour


Fully immersive 3D experience

Fully immersive 3D experience

Zero hosting fees for tours

Monthly hosting fees for tours

Includes capture of the exterior of your property

Does not include capture of the exterior of your property

Can be shared on other major real estate websites

Can be shared on other major real estate websites

Packages start at $99

Packages start at $149

*Promotion is for free Zillow 3D Home tour and interactive floor plan, no discount applies to the price of the still image package

Frequently Asked Questions

A Zillow 3D Home® tour is a  virtual tour that provides homebuyers with an immersive experience that replicates walking through your listing.


Unlike some other virtual tour solutions, a Zillow 3D Home® tour captures the exterior of the home as well as the interior. 

An interactive floor plan bring your listing to life into a seamless experience so buyers can get a sense of your home without stepping foot inside. 


Your interactive floor plan gives agents, property managers and appraisers information they need to virtually measure, assess and connect your listing to a larger buying market, eager to find a layout just like yours.

This varies based upon the size of the home. On average, it should take approximately 45 minutes to simultaneously capture a 3D tour and interactive floor plan.


At this time, interactive floor plans can be posted to Zillow listings on Zillow.com & Trulia.com. You can also share your tour and interactive floor plan via social, email, text, or on the MLS via an unbranded link.


Listings that feature a 3D Home® tour will see the following priority placement. 

  • Highlighted with unique tags
  • Given specialized placement in Zillow search results when listed
  • Discoverable via custom search filters
  • Featured in dedicated emails to buyers

We currently offer Zillow 3D Home® tour and interactive floor plans in the following markets:

  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Boulder 
  • Charlotte
  • Colorado High Country
  • Colorado Springs
  • Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Denver
  • Fort Collins
  • Houston
  • Phoenix
  • Portland
  • San Antonio
  • Tucson