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15 Real Estate Words That Sell Listings

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated February 24, 2023 5 min read

The goal of a listing description is to sell the home before it’s even shown. The right real estate words can create an intriguing narrative to entice interested buyers. 

A well-worded listing description can capture your ideal buyers’ attention and help them picture what life’s like in the listed home.

It’s tedious to remember which real estate words sell a home, and the amount of suggested adjectives for real estate listings is overwhelming. To ease stress, we compiled a list of just 15 real estate words that sell listings. Take a look:

1. Move-in-ready

A majority of home buyers are looking for a home that’s turnkey and well-maintained. Because moving is considered one of life’s most stressful events, it’s logical that a buyer’s ideal home is wonderfully maintained and move-in-ready. 

If your listing is a turnkey property—meaning it’s ready to rent out upon purchase—you can attract a large pool of buyers by using the word move-in-ready in your listing description. 

2. Upgraded

A property with upgraded features like new floors, an updated layout, and a renovated bathroom is a huge plus for buyers.

If your real estate listing is tastefully updated, include words like upgraded, renovated, or restored.

3. Outstanding

Not every listing is a must-see property, and while professional real estate images can provide a sense of the space, you should note in the description if your listing stands out

Consider using the word outstanding in describing a one-of-a-kind home or feature within the house. You can also use similar words, including alluring, spectacular, stunning, or breathtaking.

4. Welcoming

You need to get a bit creative when selling a small listing. When square footage is limited, other qualities must shine. Ultimately, buyers want a place where they feel comfortable.

Play up how the listing offers a welcoming aura and charming features. 

You can use other words to help a small or tough-to-sell listing stand out. Try sprinkling in terms like quaint, warm, cozy, and inviting

5. Walkable

Listings score high marks when they are in a central location. If your listing is walkable to restaurants, parks, public transportation, and shopping, make a note of its convenience. 

A desirable neighborhood with tree-lined streets is a significant draw for many buyers. 

6. Pristine 

High-end buyers not only want a move-in ready home but one in pristine condition.

For a luxury listing, consider hiring a staging company and a professional real estate photographer to capture high-quality listing images. Then, pair those real estate images with a listing description, including words like pristine, meticulous, luxurious, and immaculate.

7. Picturesque 

san diego real estate photography

Buyers flock to listings with stunning mountains, ocean, or city skyline views. Always mention if a home offers picturesque scenery from either a back deck or floor-to-ceiling windows. 

You can use words like unobstructed, 360-degree panorama, vantage point, and sweeping views

8. Natural light

In today’s market, natural light is a must-have for most buyers. With so many homeowners working remotely, it makes sense why sun-filled rooms are essential. 

To highlight a listing with great natural light, include terms like sun-drenched, abundant light, and large light-filled windows

9. Spacious 

Families searching for homes often require a more spacious property. 

You can appeal to potential family-focused buyers by including words like open floor plan, open concept, plenty of room, expansive, and flowing layout.

10. Upscale

living room with a view

A luxurious new build stands out online with real estate images and a virtual tour. You can take a luxury listing one step further with descriptive words like upscale, modern, lush, and sophisticated

11. Classic

There’s something special about a well-built, traditional home.

When describing the architecture and design of a not-so-modern property, include terms like contemporary, classic, and timeless

12. Gourmet kitchen

For the ambitious home chef, a state-of-the-art kitchen is ideal.

When highlighting a high-quality cooking space, use words like gourmet kitchen and commercial-grade appliances in the listing description. 

13. Smart home

Homebuyers now expect listings equipped with smart technology, from smoke detectors to thermostats to virtual assistants.

Regardless of expectations, you should highlight innovative technology within the home. You can use the following words to describe a house with tech: smart home, energy-efficient technology, and home automation system

14. Vaulted ceilings 

Another impressive home feature to mention is high ceilings. A tall ceiling makes the whole property feel more spacious, even if a listing has less square footage than its competitor. 

When the listing description includes phrases like vaulted, soaring, or cathedral ceilings, it prompts potential buyers to see the home in person. 

15. Investment 

When targeting house flippers and investors, let it be known in your description if the listing is an investment property. 

Consider phrases like priced-to-sell, incredible investment opportunity, fix-and-flip, and motivated seller

Other ways to enhance your listings

Listing descriptions are crucial in a competitive market, and using real estate words that sell can significantly enhance your listing online

Other ways to improve your listing marketing strategy include professional real estate photography, virtual 3D tours, floor plans, listing websites, and virtual staging. 

Listings that feature high-quality real estate images and a virtual 3D tour receive more exposure. Additionally, professional listing images sell faster and for more money than those without any. 

You can elevate your upcoming real estate listing by scheduling a professional photoshoot with Virtuance today. 


Unless your listing is incredibly unique, it is likely similar to the competition nearby. A listing description that tells a story and highlights the home’s most prominent features stands out online. 

Without descriptive words, your listing is forgettable and more challenging to sell.

The market is beginning to neutralize, and buyers have more options and time to submit offers on homes they genuinely love. Words highlighting the most popular must-haves in a house show a buyer what your listing offers.

You’ll likely see more traffic and buyer interest when using descriptive real estate terms.