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7 Best Practices for Single-Family Rental Photography

By Emily Maracle Last Updated December 7, 2022 5 min read

Whether you have one or hundreds of single-family rentals, at some point, you’ll likely be looking for a new tenant. And while traditional methods of rental property marketing work, most prospective single-family renters head online to find their perfect pad. 

Because of this, it’s essential that your online listing attracts your ideal tenant. If you have low-quality rental property photography or poor listing descriptions, don’t expect to be swimming in leads. 

As real estate marketing has moved digital, rental property photos really are worth a thousand words. 

To ensure your single-family rental (SFR) listing generates leads and your ideal tenant, we’ve compiled the seven best tips for rental property photography. Keep reading to learn more about photographing your single-family rental. 

1. Choose the right angle

In this image, the photographer utilizes the doorway to angle the picture perfectly.When photographing your single-family rental, using the right angles is key.

For example, if the bathroom of your SFR is relatively small, don’t take a photo straight on, or you risk making it appear even smaller, potentially losing the interest of tenants who need a decently sized bathroom. 

Instead, setting the camera lower or taking the photo from the door or corner will ensure its size is well represented and the prospective tenant has a realistic idea of each room. 

Additionally, be sure to take interior photos from natural angles. Shooting an aerial of a kitchen likely won’t connect with a renter as they’ll never be looking at the room from that angle.

2. Include the complete area

While choosing the right angle to take a photo is vital, it’s just as important to show the complete area. If you can’t provide a 3D or virtual tour, you’ll need to use photography to show your rental property’s potential and attract tenants. 

As the target audience for single-family rentals is comfortable viewing properties online, they must understand the floor plan and space. Otherwise, they won’t bother requesting a showing. 

Whenever possible, take photos from multiple angles and spots. That way, your photos tell your rental’s story and don’t leave viewers wondering.

3. Use natural light

Natural light is key to making any real estate photo pop—have you seen the magic of twilight photos? And while you may not be focusing on the exterior of the rental property immediately, taking single-family rental photos in bright, natural light can take a room from good to great.

Natural light makes a photo look brighter, preventing the space from appearing dark and closed off. Remember—you’re marketing a single-family rental, not a basement! 

That said, not all light is right. Avoid overly yellow or fluorescent lighting and minimize any glare that could wash out your photos, making them feel just as lifeless as a dark room. 

4. Clear any clutter

A clean, bright area will draw a viewer inIf a tenant is still in the SFR you’re looking to list, consider hiring a professional cleaner or previewing the space before picture day. 

Any clutter, dirt, or mess won’t photograph well, giving potential tenants the wrong impression of the space or making it incredibly difficult to imagine themselves there. 

If your single-family rental is vacant, you may want to stage it or include virtual staging to give clients an idea of the space. However, keep your staging modest with thoughtful details—not everyone wants an eclectic-boho interior. 

5. Highlight unique features

A property features a greenhouseJust like marketing your single-family rental, it’s essential to highlight the unique features your property has to attract your ideal tenant. While you could describe a fantastic patio and backyard oasis, a beautifully shot photo needs no introduction. 

And since you should be taking photos of everything in the rental property, don’t forget to take extra photos of unique details or features. 

Does the bathroom have a retro pocket door? Is there a built-in coffee bar? Can you see the mountains from the master balcony? Show it off! These additional details could take a rental property from a maybe to a definite yes from a tenant. 

A kitchen window overlooks the mountains

6. Avoid appearing in the photo

Avoid appearing in mirrors when taking pictures of the bathroom or bedroomEven if you have a gorgeous single-family home, prospective renters will likely disregard your listing if it’s unprofessional. The glare of a flash in the mirror or your reflection won’t connect with would-be tenants as the space looks poorly managed. 

To avoid this, always angle away from mirrors when taking a bedroom or bathroom photo. Taking multiple photos from multiple angles will also ensure you get a great photo without photobombing yourself. And as we mentioned previously, use natural light, not the flash! 

7. Use a professional photographer

Home shot by a professional photographerIt’s possible to take quality photos of your single-family rental if you have a DSLR, professional camera, or newer smartphone. But, there’s more that goes into professional photography than the equipment

Professional real estate photographers have the skills and knowledge to make your listing shine. While you could spend all day taking real estate photos with your iPhone, hiring a professional photographer will get your single-family rental listed, generating leads sooner. 

They also have insight into a rental property viewer’s wants and needs. While you may be able to sell a listing through verbal and written communication, they can sell it through artfully shot photos, requiring less work on your part. 

How Virtuance can help with rental property photos

If hiring a professional real estate photographer for your single-family rental seems too time-consuming, consider using Virtuance’s real estate photography services.

With Virtuance, you only have to worry about signing up. Virtuance handles scheduling the shoot, processing the images, and uploading the photos to a single-property website by the day after your shoot, giving you the opportunity to spend time on what counts—creating a strong rental marketing plan and getting eyes on your listing. 


Most prospective tenants looking for single-family rentals are Millennials and Gen Zers. Since they’re comfortable researching listings and potential homes online, your single-family rental property listing must have photos. Without them, you’re likely losing a large base of the market.

Although technology has advanced, giving most access to high-quality photography tools, professional real estate photographers have the knowledge, skill, and experience to make your SFR shine. 

If the photos of your rental property are the first impressions, real estate photographers can ensure your listing gets the attention it deserves.