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How Do You Ask for Real Estate Referrals?

By Alexandra Carver Last Updated November 17, 2022 3 min read

Asking for real estate referrals is an essential part of being an agent. These referrals can help your business thrive while you further develop your visibility within your community. 

How can you ask for real estate referrals without coming across as a pushy salesperson? Keep reading for our top ways to ask for these coveted referrals, then try them for yourself—you’ll be generating valuable new leads in no time!

When to ask for a real estate referral

It can be hard to gauge when to ask for a referral if you don’t understand the importance of timing. The best referrals come from clients you’ve built genuine relationships with and have provided a quality service for, so wait until you close your first sale with them to ask for a recommendation.

When to avoid asking for a referral

If you have not given your client a reason to provide you with a referral, you’re asking too soon. You want to showcase your value to your current client before you ask for a lead from another! 

In addition, asking when your clients are relaxed and happy—not in the middle of a stressful time, like negotiating a price—can tip the scales in favor of receiving a positive referral.

How to ask for a referral in real estate

Now that you have an idea of when to ask for a referral, how can you ask in a tactful yet effective way? Here are our four recommended tips for asking for a referral that will set you up for success:  

1. Ask in person first

Communicating face-to-face holds real value when operating a business in a digital-first world. You can convey more emotion with facial expressions and body language than over the phone or email! 

Consider a small housewarming gift paired with a genuine smile if you ask after a client’s closing. Ending your journey together on a positive note sets up the perfect opportunity to easily ask for a positive referral.

2. Be confident and keep it simple

We get it—asking for a referral can give you a serious case of nerves! Fear of rejection and the disappointment that comes with it is normal. However, don’t let this fear turn your golden opportunity into a missed one. 

Don’t unnecessarily linger during your request, as you’ll quickly lose your client’s attention and seem unsure of what you’re trying to ask for. As you build up your referral experience, confidence will come naturally, so focus on keeping your request simple and to the point

3. Give them an out

No one likes to feel pressured to do something they don’t want to or aren’t comfortable with. Giving someone an out when asking for a referral can take some potential awkwardness out of the situation while putting the ball in your client’s court. You can’t force them to give you a referral—but if you avoid pestering a client relentlessly or putting excess pressure on them, you’re more likely to receive a positive one!

4. Stay in touch

Keep your business and services at the forefront of your client’s mind by staying in touch. Sending out cards to previous clients during your marketing efforts will make it more likely that they will remember your services for friends and family looking to buy or sell a house. 

While you want to avoid peppering your clients with referral requests every time you make contact, including your contact and social media information can make it easy for your clients to send on your information when the opportunity presents itself!

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Real estate referrals are a key way an agent can grow their clientele and connections within the community. Strong recommendations from past clients can build trust and help potential clients feel good about choosing you as their next real estate agent!

Asking in person first if you can, keep it simple, and have confidence that the services you offer are worth passing on to a client’s connections. If you’ve worked tirelessly to deliver an incredible experience to your client, they will likely be happy to help your business by providing a positive referral!