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Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Brand on Social Media

By Gretchen Gales Last Updated December 5, 2022 3 min read

Growing a business, especially in real estate, relies heavily on communication. Being a modern real estate agent means using social media to access current and future clients. 

Social media allows you to easily gather valuable data about your target audience and can be a great tool to expand your reach within your market. To help you get started, we’re here to give you simple steps to grow your real estate brand on social media in bite-sized portions. 

How can real estate social media content help your real estate brand?

Building a brand takes a lot of work. Using or creating content around real estate on your social media can help you target your ideal client base and build a network of connections. 

Plus, an active social media account shows prospective clients that you are open for business and ready to help with any of their needs.

Why use social media marketing for real estate

Considering that the average person spends around two and a half hours on social media daily, your brand should occupy at least part of that time.

Digital marketing for real estate agents relies heavily on social media, as 72% of people use at least one social media platform.

Our 2022 Real Estate Market Trends Report found that 29% of real estate agents who used our services don’t actively use social media to promote their businesses. The other 71% do and are often able to attract new clients and referrals through social media. 

What types of social media are important for real estate agents?

Picking the right social media depends on your ideal clients. Here are a few examples of how to use popular social media platforms for marketing as a real estate agent. 


As Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, you can access a wide range of clients while gaining insight into your competition. To effectively grow your real estate business on Facebook:

  • Post consistently. See when you get the most engagement. You can easily post announcements, pictures, videos, and upcoming events. 
  • Gather ratings. Have your past clients leave a rating on your business page to generate more attention and build credibility. 


Instagram is all about visuals. Posts, stories, and reels are all important parts of engaging with your audience here. Additionally, be sure to: 

  • Create a simple, dependable handle. A handle is a username associated with your account. Make one that’s simple but memorable. 
  • Introduce yourself. Make certain to write a strong bio that makes a great impression on people visiting your account.
  • Include visuals. Post consistently, but make sure those posts show off beautiful pictures of listings, tourist attractions, and other posts that appeal to clients. 
  • Use every feature. With a business account, you can gain API access to schedule posts in advance and utilize third-party analytics to track your progress. 
  • Respond. You should get in contact with anyone who reaches out for assistance ASAP. 


Another great way to brand yourself in real estate is to have an active and updated profile on LinkedIn.  

  • Build and optimize your profile. To show up in search results, use keywords signaling your occupation and expertise. Remember to include as much information as possible so people know what you do.
  • Connect with other professionals. Aim to make at least 500 relevant connections to build a network of professionals and other contacts that can help your business. 
  • Join groups. Professional groups can help you gain insight into current market trends and help you build your network. 


YouTube is a great place for long-form video content. Try the following to build subscribers:

  • Create engaging videos. Tell your audience about what you do, show off a house, or teach viewers how to properly stage for their next showing. 
  • Remember SEO. Plan your content around keywords that will put your content above the rest. 

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Posting consistently and always being ready to interact with potential clients on all platforms. It also includes establishing a “brand voice” audiences can rely on.

While it’s possible to grow a real estate brand without social media, it’s one of the most effective modern marketing strategies.

If you’ve been wondering how to brand yourself in real estate, social media is the way to go.