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5 Circle Prospecting Real Estate Scripts

By Carolyn Vento Last Updated March 10, 2023 3 min read

Finding potential clients is crucial to your success as a real estate agent. The more you expand your inner circle, the more chances you have for closing deals.

Each time you close a deal, you prove you are a valuable, trusted source in the neighborhood. It’s the perfect time to create connections with residents circling the property by using circle prospecting.

What is circle prospecting?

Real estate circle prospecting generates leads by cold calling in a specific location to determine if residents want to buy or sell.

You can form this circle by focusing on people who live within a certain distance of a home you recently sold or listed or where you hosted an open house. Check out the most recent sold listings and contact people in the same area with market information.

Why use circle prospecting in real estate?

You should use circle prospecting in real estate to build relationships with prospective clients and generate more leads.

It’s smarter to use this method of revolving your efforts around a target area within your zone than to reach out to people with no plan.

Remember that most people are curious about their property value and the homes around them. You can establish authority and strengthen your brand with the right strategy and scripts.

5 Circle prospecting scripts

Now that you have prospects, what will you say to them? 

Here are five example circle prospecting scripts to get you started. For each script, you can follow up by offering a free subscription to your newsletter or blog with an email signup.

1. Just listed

A circle prospecting script for a property you just listed highlights your success.

“Hi! My name is with , and I recently listed a property in your area at . I’m doing everything I can to sell your neighbor’s home. I’m wondering if you can help me by letting me know of anyone who may be interested in moving to the area.”

2. Just sold

Right after you sell a property, use this script to build trust with clients and keep your momentum going.

“Hello! This is with . I’m excited to share that I just sold your neighbor’s home at . I’m making some calls through your neighborhood since interest has recently increased in the area. Do you know of anyone looking to sell their home? Please keep me in mind as I plan on specializing in your area.”

3. Open houses

An open house circle prospecting script should be used to gain interest in an upcoming open house and current market prices.

“Hey! here from . Thought you might be interested in an open house I’m hosting at . You can see what this type of home sells for in your neighborhood. Feel free to contact anyone you know that may benefit from this open house. I look forward to seeing you there.”

4. Expired listings

Take advantage of expired listings by making people feel confident that you’re the agent that can sell their listing.

“This is from . Just a quick call to let you know that expired listings have been common in your area, but the market is changing. I’ve helped many people sell their homes for more money than they tried to the first time. I am here to help you or any of your neighbors sell your listings this time around.”

5. Hot market

Stay on top of the market forecast and make calls when the timing is right.

“Hi! Did you know homes have sold rapidly in your neighborhood in the last few months? I’m from , and I have sold more homes than other agents in the area. Do you know anyone interested in buying or selling a home soon? The time to act is now, and I am here to help. 

Circle back with Virtuance

Once you choose your best circle prospecting script and connect with potential clients, you can circle back to your phone calls through emails, social media posts, and more. 

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