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Cold Calling Scripts for Real Estate Agents

By Gretchen Gales Last Updated October 31, 2022 4 min read

Building trust within your community as a real estate and neighborhood expert can mean big leads for you. One way to do this is cold calling. 

For many, cold calling sounds unpleasant. But don’t ice yourself out of potential leads—one call can do wonders for your business strategy

Using cold calling scripts for real estate can take the struggle and anxiety out of making your first call. Here’s how you can get started with your own cold calling strategy. 

What is cold calling in real estate?

Cold calling is reaching out to potential leads with a predetermined message. Many agents will craft a pitch to deliver on the phone and call numbers in their contact lists or use number lists found through online services. Others may find contacts through events they host, information gathered from online forms, or mutual connections. 

Why is cold calling important?

Cold calling as a marketing method is often polarizing for real estate agents. Depending on who you ask, it’s either essential or a waste of time. But everyone should give a strategy a try before throwing it out. 

By using scripts for cold calling, you’ll be prepared to personalize your message efficiently and learn the winning formula for your own strategy. 

Real estate cold calling scripts

A good cold calling script can make a big difference in whether or not you successfully turn a lead into a client. The more personalized your cold calling script is, the better. 

Our list of customizable cold calling scripts will help you get started. Remember to practice these with family, friends, or other agents to improve your skills and calm your nerves before you try it. 

When calling, no matter the response, be gracious for their time and give them your contact information so they can proceed or come back if they change their mind.

1. Mutual connection

People are more likely to trust someone they know personally or have some familiarity with to sell their home. Whether it’s a friend of a friend or a parent from your child’s daycare who has mentioned buying or selling a home, start off strong with the connection.

Swap out details with info that fits. For example, you may want to mention you were also at an event you both recently attended or where you’ve met previously. 

{Salutation}, {first name}. This is {your name}. I’m {friend or mutual connection}’s friend. How are you today?

{Fill this space with questions or talking points about recent events. The more genuine the questions, the better the connection.}

You might know I’m with {Agency or Brokerage}. I was calling to see if you had any possible interest in buying, selling, or upgrading your home? 

{Wait and listen to their response. If they respond with a simple “No, thank you,” graciously respond with a light reminder to let them know you’re here for any of their real estate needs. Don’t push.}  

2. Ready homebuyer

If you or your agency have clients looking for homes in a particular area, reaching out to people in that neighborhood with an offer could generate a sale. 

Hello, I’m {your name} with {Agency or Brokerage}. Is this the homeowner?

I’m calling you today because we have buyers interested in homes in your neighborhood. Some are willing to pay {percentage} above the asking price. Would you be interested in selling your home knowing someone is incredibly interested in buying it?

Selling a home is a big decision. Can we possibly schedule a meeting to discuss your thoughts or concerns about the home-selling process?

3. For sale by owner (FSBO)

Reaching out to FSBO listings allows you to solve their problem: finding a buyer for their home

Hello, this is {first name} with {Agency or Brokerage}. I see you are selling your house. How much are you asking for?

I think you can get more for your home based on my data. Similar listings sell for {price} within {time in days}. With a good strategy, you can sell your home faster and at a higher price.

Are you interested in discussing how to make this happen?

4. Recent sales

If you’ve made a recent sale, use that data to inform someone in the area of their selling potential

Hello, this is {first name} with {Agency or Brokerage}. I wanted to let you know that I recently sold a property at {nearby address} for {price}. I was wondering if you’d be interested in selling your home for a competitive price? 

5. Circle prospecting

See the most recent sold listings and contact people in the same area with market information.

Good morning/afternoon/evening, {first name}. I don’t want to take too much of your time, but I wanted to let you know that a {property} at {address} was recently sold for {price}. I was wondering if you were interested in selling your property as well? If so, can we stay in touch when the time comes?

6. Voicemail 

There’s always a good chance that someone will not pick up the phone for an unknown number. But don’t give up! Voicemail is an excellent tool for delivering your real estate cold call script. 

Use any of the scripts above without pausing to listen. Instead, be eloquent but brief in your message. Make sure to give your number or other contact information so they can get in touch with you once they’ve listened to the message. 

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