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How to Overcome Real Estate Leads with Bad Phone Numbers

By Alexandra Carver Last Updated October 25, 2022 3 min read

As the real estate market ebbs and flows, it’s essential to connect with potential clients during slower months of the year. Changing your perspective on “bad leads” in a cooling market can elevate your business and open the door to opportunity!

Why should you work with leads that have bad phone numbers, and how can you convert these leads? Keep reading to learn more about overcoming real estate leads with bad phone numbers and how to work with efficiency to convert these “bad leads” into real connections that have potential.

Why you should work leads with bad phone numbers

While lead generation through web marketing, referrals, and open houses is necessary to be a successful real estate agent, we’ve all been disappointed and frustrated when a lead has a bad phone number. Nevertheless, if you change your attitude toward these seemingly dead ends, you’ll realize that bad phone number leads are highly valuable with virtually no competition. Don’t be like other agents and immediately dismiss a lead if you find their phone number is bad. There are ways to strategically turn these contacts into possibilities!

How to convert real estate leads with bad phone numbers

Now that you know the why, you’re probably wondering how to convert these leads. Let’s breakdown the process into five easy steps that will help you maximize your time and effort toward leads with bad phone numbers:

1. Verify the bad phone number

Learn how to evaluate whether or not a number is working correctly. If your first inclination is to discard a number that seems incorrect, you could be passing up a number that’s valid but blocking your autodialer. Try calling the number manually from your cell phone. You can’t rely on an autodialer to confirm bad numbers for you—get in the habit of confirming them yourself!

2. Reach out another way

Don’t just stop trying to connect with a lead once you’ve confirmed the number isn’t viable. There are other ways to reach out! If you have an email address for your lead, send a simple email to connect with them and attempt to confirm the best number for them.

You can even plug in an email to social media sites or search public records in a bid to potentially obtain the correct number. Finally, there’s always the option of a handwritten letter sent to an address the old-fashioned way! The possibilities are endless, so be proactive by taking advantage of them.

3. Use a CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems can be valuable tools in the daily work of a real estate agent. This software is designed to help you manage your entire real estate business from one platform—including your current and future leads!

Many CRMs include tools for mass communication and will help you simplify connecting with bad phone number leads through email. This will help you be more efficient when working through these numbers. You can even use a CRM to tag bad numbers after you confirm them.

4. Ensure your website is up to date

Maintaining a professional yet appealing website for your real estate business can be instrumental in converting leads to clients. Don’t just pass by with a bare-bones web presence! 

Enhance your business and personal brand by offering information that presents you as an expert on all things real estate in your market and beyond. If you’re able, review your lead’s viewing history and direct them to your website via email for more information and answers to any questions they might have.

5. Continually review lead information

Finally, staying on top of your list of leads is crucial if you want to weed out the truly “bad” leads! If you’ve tried other methods of communication, such as email or letter, to reach specific leads but have come up short, it might be time to cross them off your list. 

No use in spending more time than necessary once you’ve confirmed a lead is truly dead. Use your time wisely by moving on to the next while keeping your lead information fresh and updated.

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By verifying that the number is bad, not the lead itself! When you try things such as reaching a lead in other ways, utilizing a CRM, maintaining an up-to-date and professional website, and continually reviewing your lead information, you’re more likely to turn a “bad lead” into a viable and promising prospect.

Simple answer? Yes! Calling the leads on your list helps to build a personal connection between you and a potential client. This connection can make all the difference when your lead is ready to buy or sell a home. The more you try to remain in contact with your leads, the more success you’ll find with conversions, and lead generation through phone numbers is a great technique.