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5 Best Ways to Generate More Leads from Real Estate Experts

By Emily Maracle Last Updated October 27, 2022 3 min read

As the real estate industry and market consistently change, it’s important to have a solid action plan to ensure continuous success. 

With three real estate industry experts, Rachel Gombosch discussed generating more leads in a challenging market in Virtuance’s latest webinar.

In this post, we’ll list the top five ways to generate more leads, as explained by Chris Cockerham, Grant Wise, and Rachel Warner, and why they’re vital to building and maintaining your real estate business. And if you’re interested in seeing the full webinar, check it out below or on our YouTube channel


1. Have a CRM

A valuable piece of advice our panelists provided was having systems to organize your business. Chris Cockerham, a Commercial Manager/Broker, and Grant Wise, President and Co-Founder of Witly, stressed the importance of using software or a customer relationship management system (CRM) to gather, manage, and follow up with your leads. 

If you aren’t organized and don’t have an efficient system to track your leads, it can be difficult to persevere when the market is slow.  

2. Have a good sales process

While software, tools, and a CRM can help keep you organized, having a good sales process is also crucial. Our experts all agreed that having a solid process to guide your leads through ensures you’ll be successful. 

Consider reviewing the best deals you’ve had this year. What did you do in each of those sales? Was the process the same? Different? Identifying your strengths and adapting a sales strategy based on them ensures you won’t have to worry during slower months. Why? You already know what works for you! 

3. Use social media

Throughout our webinar, Grant expressed the importance of using Facebook and social media to generate leads. The majority of home searches begin online, so you should advertise your business online and actively use digital marketing. Understanding your ideal customer and target market is essential, and you must first recognize that most home buyers consume online media first

Grant recommends using Facebook and running a homes list ad campaign. You can select a lead form ad as your objective to get the names and email addresses of people actually looking at homes and the inventory in your market.  

You can generate endless leads if you identify and give your clients or potential clients what they want. 

4. Go above the standard

Most agents know that connecting with your clients and leads equals a strong relationship, but that doesn’t mean sticking to the same tactics will always work. To stand out in a competitive market, you must be unique and go above the standard

Sure, sending follow-ups, holiday wishes, and thank-you notes are all effective, but how can you differentiate yourself from your competitors? 

In the last part of 2022, Rachel, Luxury Marketing Director of John L. Scott Real Estate, recommends brainstorming ways to authentically connect with your market of clients and leads. As Rachel states, “ is a relationship business… you need to be top of mind, but you also need to be someone that they connect with, they want to work with, they see as a resource, or an advocate, or an advisor for them.”

5. Do what works for you

While these tips can help you generate more leads and grow your business, remember to do what works for you. If you use strategies you can’t maintain or they don’t target the right audience, you won’t be successful. 

It will take time to identify what works best for you, but if you keep it up, you won’t be left scrambling when resources are limited.

How Virtuance can help you generate more leads 

Images are a crucial part of digital marketing strategies. Professional real estate photography goes a long way if you plan to post on social media or promote your site. 

Professional real estate images across your listings create a cohesive brand that leads and clients will recognize. And as previously mentioned, most potential clients start their home search online, meaning your images are the first thing clients see! 

With Virtuance, you’ll ensure you’re putting your best foot forward to generate more leads and close more deals, regardless of market conditions.