Real Estate Lead Generation

4 Ways to Generate Motivated Seller Leads

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated November 30, 2022 2 min read

Seller leads can quickly turn a new listing agent into a top-selling real estate mogul. Finding the right potential sellers—and leads bound to convert—is the most effective way to become a successful listing agent. 

Real estate lead generation companies help agents passively find new potential clients without the fuss; however, if you want to find motivated seller leads, there are simple (and free) strategies that work. 

Before we cover our favorite ways to find and convert motivated seller leads, we need to understand why they are essential for your business. 

Why seller leads are important in real estate

Real estate is a broad industry with plenty of avenues for individuals and companies to succeed. A real estate professional can be both a buyer’s agent and a listing agent with no niche audience. Top-performing agents, however, choose a specialty

For listing agents, seller leads are crucial to their business’s success. As you grow and nurture your motivated seller lead list, you allow more opportunities to convert leads into clients

Ignoring lead generation strategies may negatively impact your real estate business growth. 

4 ways to generate motivated seller leads

We found the top four ways to target motivated sellers and build a valuable seller lead list in your real estate market. 

1. Target expired and FSBO listings

Expired and FSBO listings are excellent sellers to target as they’re motivated to sell their homes but haven’t had much success or lack the tools and know-how

An expired listing seller is typically frustrated and tired of the real estate market and their agent. As their listing expires on the MLS, it’s the opportune time to make your move. Reach out to the seller and request a listing appointment. 

Show the seller how you plan to market and sell their listing quickly. Include your primary marketing strategies like professional real estate photography, a standout listing description, and other enhancements the previous agent didn’t offer. 

FSBO sellers are arguably more challenging leads to nurture and convert. You can find FSBO properties through Zillow and other listing websites. But, similar to your expired listing pitch, show FSBO sellers your unique selling proposition

2. Offer gated content

Gated content is any valuable resource accessible to viewers through a lead form. Offering gated content is a strategic way to generate specific leads while providing valuable materials in return. 

Some examples of gated content include: 

3. Explore your sphere

Your sphere of influence is a prominent part of your real estate world. This special group may include friends, family, colleagues, and industry partners. Real estate is all about staying connected and in the know. 

Continue conversing with your sphere through personal connection, email marketing, networking events, and social media engagement, as someone in your sphere likely knows a motivated seller. 

4. Assist owners in pre-foreclosure

Pre-foreclosure homeowners have defaulted on their mortgage payments. The pre-foreclosure homeowner’s best option may be to sell their property to avoid bankruptcy. 

You can discover pre-foreclosure homes on your MLS and Zillow. Additionally, platforms like REDX can find and send you pre-foreclosure leads with a subscription. 

Convert motivated seller leads with Virtuance

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