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How to Write Real Estate SEO Content

By Meaghan Loraas Last Updated March 15, 2022 5 min read

TGIF! Welcome back to Farm Friday, folks. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend, whether you celebrated or not. I recently gathered the top SEO keywords for real estate agents for lead generation in 2022, but I didn’t detail what you can do with those keywords. While some brokerages or real estate professionals might use these keywords to write content on their website, some real estate professionals get help from an agency or freelance writer specializing in SEO content creation and keyword research. Whichever way you go, it’s essential to understand the basics of SEO content to ensure you’re getting bang for your buck.

In this post, I’ll walk you through how to write real estate SEO content so your site will rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. We’ll also discuss why it’s crucial to have high-quality content on your website, as well as how to get started writing content for your real estate websites.

What is SEO?

As a reminder, SEO stands for search engine optimization. Suppose I were hard-pressed to come up with a succinct description for SEO. In that case, I’d say it is a branch of digital marketing that (mainly) focuses on organic traffic to a particular webpage, whether that’s a lead generation landing page or a homepage on your website. The most critical component of SEO is relevant content. You want to ensure that you provide helpful content related to common search queries in your niche. That way, when a potential client searches for a query that you can solve or provide information for, your website or brand will show up in the search results. 

Real Estate SEO Tips

Time and time again, our clients tell us that the number one challenges in the real estate industry are lead generation and gaining referrals. You need the right tools for lead generation and SEO if you want success in this competitive industry. The cost of customer acquisition has increased significantly as marketers explore all avenues online with the recent digital boom; these days, an average real estate marketing campaign will set Realtors back around $40-$60 a lead depending on market conditions – which means that paid advertising might not be a viable option for every business owner. Besides, paid marketing tends to only target potential clients in the “purchase” stage. What about nurturing leads? That’s critical for many real estate businesses. 

real estate digital marketing
Make sure to caption your images on any SEO content you write. Captions are the most-read content on any webpage!

Organic SEO Real Estate Marketing is a Long-Term Solution

Unlike paid advertising on social media or search engines, organic SEO marketing works over time. It can take months before you see any significant increase in traffic or leads. This is because search engines rely on algorithms to determine where they place your web pages in the SERPs. These algorithms change frequently, so it may take several weeks or months for your new content to start showing up at the top of the SERPs. However, once you’ve built up a significant library of blog content based on relevant keywords, you can gain leads from organic search, email newsletters, and lead capture forms on your website without lifting a finger! That being said, let’s get into the meat of this post: tips on how to write great content for your target audiences!

1. Write for Your Users, Not Google

The first step to creating good content is understanding who your audience is. If you’re targeting first-time home buyers, then you should know what questions they ask and what problems they face. Once you understand their needs, you can create content that addresses those issues. For example, if you’re selling homes, you could develop a series of articles that answer questions such as:

• How much does it cost to buy a home?

• How do I find my dream house?

• Should I pay cash or use a mortgage?

• Which neighborhoods have the best schools?

Good content is rewarded with search engine rankings. Your real estate SEO strategy should also include internal links to other relevant content. 

2. Create Value Through Quality Information

Your users want answers to their questions. So make sure your content provides them with value by answering their questions clearly and concisely. Don’t just throw together a bunch of random words and expect people to read through it. Keyword stuffing is an SEO tactic of the past (or it really should be). Instead, focus on providing quality information and insights that help your readers solve their problems.

3. Include SEO Keywords

When writing your content, think about what words your users would type into a search engine when looking for solutions to their problem. Use those same keywords throughout your article. In addition, don’t forget to include some variations of your keyword phrases in the title tag and meta description. For ideas on keywords, check out our post about the Top Real Estate SEO Keywords for 2022. I organized the keywords by search volume and niches!

4. Optimize Your Images

When you upload images to your website, be sure to include keywords in the file name and add a brief description of the picture. You can also use a tool like Google’s Image Search to find related images that you can use in your content. Make sure to credit the source for your pictures. Additionally, if you use professional real estate photography for your listings, you can use those photos for your blog content. Unique images are best for your content when it comes to SEO, anyway!

Did You Know?

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5. Write Concisely

Nobody wants to read a long, drawn-out article. So keep your sentences and paragraphs short and to the point. Use lists, headings, and subheadings to break up your content and make it easier to read. And remember, people are skimming your content — they’re not going to read every word. Think about how you look for answers on the internet and what would make it easier to find that information. User experience is one of the top items that Google “scores” for when it comes to SEO.

real estate seo content
Using images from a professional real estate photography service is a great way to aid your visual marketing.

6. Add Interactive Content

As real estate content goes, images and videos can go a long way in providing something for your users to engage with. Sites like YouTube provide real estate agents with another way to attract traffic to their websites. Video content is more engaging than written text, so it’s the type of real estate SEO strategy you should implement.

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