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How to Use Instagram Guides For Real Estate

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated May 11, 2021 4 min read

Instagram introduced a new content feature: Instagram Guides! This latest IG feature update follows behind their most recent add-on, Instagram Reels

Instagram Guides allows users to share scrollable content on their Instagram page. With Guides, users can now publish and view recommendations, tips, and content in a blog-like format. 

Whenever social media platforms launch a new content feature, we think about how real estate agents can benefit. Real estate agents can generate engagement with Instagram Guides in several exciting ways. 

In the initial roll-out, topics include products, places, and posts: 

Instagram Guides: Products

This Instagram Guide format allows you to curate content around products from businesses you support. When you select this format, IG prompts you to choose or search for a brand. From there, you can choose from a list of products and images that correlate. This format is a fun option for creating a Guide around holiday shopping lists, interior design products, cleaning product tips, and more. 

Products Examples

  • Holiday Shopping Guide
  • Best Holiday Gifts for Him
  • Best Holiday Gifts for Her
  • The Homebody Holiday Gift List
  • Top-Rated Cleaning Products 
  • Kitchen Organization Products
  • My Favorite Winter Home Products
  • Best Smart Home Tech For 2021
  • Top Interior Design Trends 2021

Instagram Guides: Places

This Instagram Guide format allows you to curate a list of locations using the map on Instagram. You can look up the businesses on the map and select your favorite images to feature. These images are actual posts from different users on Instagram. This format allows you to network with businesses and people in your area! 

Places Examples


  • Top 5 Restaurants in Seattle
  • Best Sushi in Denver
  • The Top Breweries in Fort Collins
  • Farm to Table Restaurants in Atlanta
  • Tex Mex Spots in San Antonio 
  • Best Coffee Shops in San Fransisco
  • Best Ramen in Portland 


  • Top 5 Hair Salons in Minneapolis 
  • Best Barbershops in San Diego
  • Chicago’s Top-Rated Nail Salons
  • Best Dry Bars in Miami
  • Top Day Spas in Charleston 
  • Top-Rated Wax Studios in Columbus 


  • Things to do in Dallas 
  • Top Concert Halls in Nashville
  • Best Art Galleries in Santa Fe
  • How to Spend a Day in San Diego
  • Sightseeing Activities in Seattle
  • Best Hiking Spots Near Phoenix
  • Outdoor Activities in Summit County
  • Top 5 Parks Near Sacramento
  • Best Dog Parks in Denver

Instagram Guides: Posts

This Instagram Guide format allows you to curate content around your previous posts. You can use this format option to highlight your real estate listings, closings, and “coming soon” properties. As long as you previously created an Instagram post of the image, you can add it to this IG Guide type. 

Posts Examples

  • Current Listings For Sale
  • Just Sold Listings From Fall
  • Featured Listings of the Month
  • Top Listings This Year
  • Coming Soon!

How to create an Instagram Guide: 

  • On your Instagram page, click the + sign next to your username.
  • A Create New window will pop up. “Guide” is the last content option on the list. 
Instagram guide - create new
  • Select Guide > Choose Guide Type: Places, Products, and Posts.
Instagram - Guide Type
  • For Places – search for a place on the map or choose a (temporary) post image. You can change the image after selecting “next”. 
    1. Build your Guide by searching for and selecting post images
    2. Add a description of the place for each section.
  • For Products – search for the shop or business when prompted, select the product and an available image of the product. 
    1. Build your Guide by searching for your products. 
    2. Add a description of the product for each section. 
  • For Posts – search your posts for your determined Guide topic. 
    1. Build your Guide by adding your posts. 
    2. Add a description of the post for each section. 

A successful real estate agent is an advocate and thought leader within their community. Consider Instagram Guides your new resource for promoting your listings, your city, and your favorite products!