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How to Use Instagram Reels for Your Real Estate Business

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated August 28, 2020 2 min read

Instagram introduced their latest content feature: Instagram Reels. This feature allows users to create, edit, and combine 15-second clips set to music, which is similar to the popular video sharing platform, TikTok. 

Is Instagram Reels a good marketing tool for businesses? Can real estate agents use Instagram Reels in their social media and content marketing strategy? We think so! 

To learn how to use Instagram Reels, check out Later.com’s Ultimate Guide to Instagram Reels.  

Businesses and influencers who’ve started using Instagram Reels are already seeing a rise in overall engagement on their accounts – this could be due to Instagram Algorithms. Social media apps reward users who use all of the features available on the platform. 

Below are a few content ideas to help you create your first Instagram Reel for your real estate business.

Real Estate Specific Instagram Reels Ideas: 

  1. Market Update
  2. Listing Tour 
  3. Home Seller Checklist
  4. Home Buyer Checklist
  5. Day in the Life 
  6. Tips – Day of Showings as a Buyer
  7. Realtor Humor – Relate to Other Agents
  8. Tips – Preparing for Open House 
  9. Staging Advice 

Home/Lifestyle Ideas and Tips: 

  1. Best Houseplants 
  2. Neighborhood Highlights – Restaurants, Parks, Stores
  3. Decluttering Tips For Kitchen, Bathroom
  4. How to Paint a Room 
  5. Organizing Tips
  6. Landscaping Ideas and Trends 
  7. How to Make Your Bed Cozy
  8. Favorite Food Recipes
  9. How to Make Coffee with Slow Drip/French Press
  10. Breakfast Inspiration
instagram reels examples
Floating wood shelves / City guide / How to pick paint color

Not all of your Instagram Reels have to do with real estate. You are creating content that your followers and other Instagram users will engage with. Instagram Reels is great because it allows you to produce high-quality content that is still genuine and informal. 

instagram reels examples
Make room cozy / How to store spray bottles / Houseplants for beginners

When you have some time this week, find an Instagram Reels video on your discover tab and see how other users are telling their stories through this exciting new feature!