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Using Social Media as a Luxury Real Estate Agent

By Alexandra Carver Last Updated March 2, 2023 3 min read

Luxury home buyers seek a unique and distinct experience when shopping for a home. Utilizing social media in your luxury real estate marketing can help boost your visibility, credibility, and overall brand as a luxury agent.

Looking to get started using social media as a luxury real estate agent? Read on to learn why you need it, how to get started, platforms to use, and topics to post about. 

Do luxury real estate agents need social media?

With billions worldwide using various social media platforms, how we interact with each other has drastically changed. 

Communication and leveraging social media are vital in all aspects of the luxury real estate world—especially if you want to stay ahead of the competition. 

How to get started using social media as a luxury real estate agent

Social media allows you to build your brand in a way that print media lacks. You can facilitate a connection with your followers and audience by showcasing your services and personality. 

If you haven’t already, start researching a plan to build your brand. Doing this will help new clients understand what you have to offer that stands out from other luxury agents. 

In addition, take the time to learn about new communication channels outside of calls, texts, and emails. Educate yourself on the finer points of tweeting, direct messaging, and commenting through different social media platforms. 

What platforms should you use for real estate social media posts?

With various social media platforms at your disposal, which are the best for luxury real estate agents to use? We’ve listed our four favorite platforms to help you advertise to, engage with, and wow luxury buyers!


Tweeting is a great way to spread brand awareness while networking. You can curate relevant and share-worthy content that will inspire others to get involved in conversations surrounding luxury real estate.


You’ll have high-quality options when you leverage Facebook as a real estate marketing tool. You can create targeted ads for listings in your area, converse with potential clients via Facebook’s messaging platform, and share high-quality real estate photography, videos, or even live-stream tours of luxury listings.


Being comfortable with Instagram is important as a luxury agent. You’ll provide the high-quality, luxury eye candy buyers crave—all while making it easy for them to reach out via direct message or comment. In addition, utilizing hashtags will increase property visibility and encourage growth.


After clients have browsed through your luxury listing’s photos via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, why not direct them to a virtual tour via YouTube? Time is money, and allowing buyers to view a home on their terms, in their own home, and on their own time is priceless.

Online open houses and virtual tours are more popular than after COVID-19, and the demand continues to increase—47% of all home buyers view properties online first!

What topics should luxury agents post about on social media?

Now that you’ve got an idea of using social media platforms to your advantage, what should you post about to drive follower engagement and leads? We’ve got three topics that will wow sellers and buyers!

Virtual open houses and video tours

Virtual video tours and open houses have proven they’re here to stay in the luxury market. People want to do things when it’s most convenient for them, especially in the luxury market.

Virtual tours can help you gain more qualified leads as only very interested clients will likely request a showing. It also lets buyers look closer at something they might have missed touring a property in person. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a downside to posting video tours on social media.

Questions and answers

Potential buyers will always have questions—and you need to have answers. Q&A social posts position you as an expert in the luxury real estate realm. Q&A also encourages dialogue between you and your followers. 

Showing you’re an expert on luxury real estate only adds to your credibility, giving clients the confidence that you’re the right agent for the job.

Success stories and testimonials

Posting testimonials and success stories from previous luxury clients is another way to prove your credibility. It can reassure leads that you’d help them find the same success. You can put testimonials in fun templates or ask past clients to record a video.

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