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3 Tips to Better Market Your Listing on the MLS

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated November 9, 2021 2 min read

Learn to make listings stand out on your multiple listing service with these real estate marketing strategies 

If you’re ready to take your real estate marketing up a notch this year, improving your MLS strategy is a great place to begin. While it’s easy to list a home on the MLS as a realtor, understanding how to stand out can take some practice. We asked seasoned real estate agents their MLS marketing strategy. Below are the 3 top results: 

Bonus: Find the don’ts at the bottom!

Tell a Story With the Description

Instead of writing out the basics, which will appear in the listing details anyways, create a narrative around the home. Buyers are searching for intrigue – something that draws them in.

a listing description screenshot for a listing in portland - real estate marketing help

For example, if the living room has a large fireplace and huge windows, don’t simply write those features. Try to create a story around it to help buyers envision life in the home. Something like: Enjoy snowy evenings cozied around the large wood-burning fireplace as you watch flurries fall through your floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Use Professional Photography 

We know that 90% of buyers now search for homes online before seeing them in person. This is why using professional real estate photography is so important. Even if you feel that your iPhone can take care of the listing photos, don’t go that route. All listings deserve real estate photography.

real estate photo of beautiful kitchen with metal pendant lights, kitchen island, white paneling on ceilings - from Virtuance - real estate marketing help

Hiring a real estate photographer is the best thing you can do for your listing, your clients, and your brand. A professional photographer will understand marketability, composition and image enhancements. The best part is, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to hire a photographer. This investment needs to be standard for your business. 

Highlight Neighborhood Amenities 

Further help buyers visualize life at your listing by including awesome neighborhood amenities. Is your listing near a popular park or hip coffee shop? Tell them! Choosing a home is choosing a lifestyle. Create that ultimate lifestyle for online buyers.

real estate image of neighborhood in denver - little man icecream shop - real estate marketing help

While writing about neighborhood amenities is a great start, take that a step further by including neighborhood stock images in your tour. Real estate photographers can include these as an add on enhancement to your listing shoot. It’s the best way to promote special neighborhood features.

The Don’ts 

Write the description in all caps

Skip the listing description

Take your own photos

Upload your images in the wrong direction

Violate MLS rules or policies