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What Is a Real Estate Showing Assistant?

By Carolyn Vento Last Updated November 12, 2022 3 min read

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your real estate endeavors and wish you had a helping hand? Consider hiring a real estate showing assistant! 

With a real estate showing assistant, you can accomplish more and devote your time to more complicated and skilled tasks. In this post, we’ll detail what a real estate showing assistant is and how they can make your life easier, helping you spend more time generating leads and closing deals!

What is a real estate showing assistant?

A real estate showing assistant professionally supports real estate agents by showing homes to them. Showing assistants have other job duties, such as researching client needs and offering long-term support to clients. 

With the assistant working behind the scenes, you will have more time for other responsibilities, such as real estate marketing campaigns.

What does a showing assistant do?

A showing assistant is valuable to a real estate agent because they can convert leads into active contracts through their specific job duties. Here’s what you should know about the real estate showing assistant job description.

Assess client needs

As the showing assistant shows a client homes, they will learn about their needs and wants. Then, the assistant can report back so you can weed out properties that aren’t a match. Your showing assistant will grow your sphere of influence by making new connections for you.

Lead the search for the right property

The showing assistant can book a time to look at properties with a client. They can then answer plenty of questions about the properties, the neighborhood, pricing, and more. Their hard work will eventually lead to more sales for you.

Offer support after a deal is closed

The relationship between a showing assistant and a client should not end when a deal is closed. The showing assistant can attend the inspection or appraisal or be available if the client needs to access the property before officially owning it. 

The showing assistant can also continue to reach out to the client with helpful content that could result in referrals.

Why hire a showing assistant?

When you feel overwhelmed with your workload and are established enough that you can afford one, you should consider hiring a showing assistant for three reasons:

1. To assist you with showing homes

You may have to forego potential leads because you have too many homes to show. That’s where your showing assistant can help to free up your calendar. 

An assistant is helpful for clients who may be curious or are on the fence about buying. The assistant can focus on these types of long-term situations that require more time and nurturing. 

2. To research properties in the area and match them to clients’ needs

The showing assistant can also save you time by doing research! For example, maybe you are busy with another client, but you need to find out more information about an expired listing in the area. 

You can focus on your client while your showing assistant researches the expired listing and potential clients that would be interested in it. The showing assistant should be knowledgeable and successful in educating clients about the buying process.

3. To stay in touch with clients

To be a good real estate agent, you must stay in touch with your past, present, and future clients. This process can be time-consuming, so you can rely on your showing assistant to continue contacting them with up-to-date content, whether through emails, phone calls, or social media campaigns.

Equip your showing assistant with Virtuance

If you are using a showing assistant, you’ll want to represent a property in the best way possible. Before the actual showing, your showing assistant can send pictures and videos to the clients with Virtuance.

We offer professional real estate photography services to help you stay steps ahead of your competition. Every order comes with a single listing site and access to our Marketing Suite, giving your showing assistant more ways to nurture and retain your clientele. 

With Virtuance’s real estate pictures, you will establish a consistent brand that clients will appreciate, helping you close more deals and generate more leads. 


Yes! A showing agent is another name for a showing assistant. Both titles refer to someone whose primary responsibility is to assist a real estate agent in showing properties.

It depends on where you live. Most states regulate an unlicensed person’s activities in real estate. In most cases, if someone is participating in some part of a real estate transaction, they’ll need to be licensed—including showing homes.