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What Makes a Real Estate Agent Stand Out?

By Gretchen Gales Last Updated October 5, 2022 3 min read

Becoming a top real estate agent isn’t easy and never happens overnight. But by building a reliable presence in the real estate community and using a few other tricks of the trade, you’ll be a household name in no time. 

Beyond generating more leads, selling property quicker, and making more money, becoming a top agent solidifies your career in real estate. On average, 85% to 90% of agents fail in the first five years. In this article, we’ll go over how to stand out as a real estate agent and what it takes to be a good agent.  

Why it’s important to stand out in real estate

According to the National Association of Realtors, there are approximately three million active real estate licenses in the United States. That’s a lot of competition, and being another number isn’t a selling point for why homebuyers should trust you. 

So what can you do? Upping your game with these four suggestions will help you to set yourself apart as a real estate agent.

1. Have a website

If you work with a large agency, you may already have a page on their website. But having a domain with your own content makes it easy if you ever want to branch out. It also shows potential clients that you are your own person, not a brand name.

You are the brand and have the potential to craft something great. Plus, it shows initiative in making your business work for you.  

Before making a website, read all about site optimization for desktop and mobile users and digital marketing. Remember, more Millennial and Gen Z homebuyers are looking for homes, meaning that the first place they’ll look for a good real estate agent is through the web. 

2. Communicate

Being a good real estate agent means always being in touch with your clients—past, present, and future. 

Present clients looking for their next home are always in need of consistent communication with you. You know from experience that when a dream house listing pops up, you have to be quick to land a tour and make an offer before anyone else can. 

Landing future clients is also about making connections long before you need to sell a home. Create free resources to distribute, such as brochures or ebooks with common questions or needs of your clients. 

This can include topics like applying for a mortgage, buying and flipping a home, or selling a home quickly. Also, think of niche topics you can offer as your area of expertise and show why you’re the best person to consult. Always offer to fill in the info gaps by offering your services.

3. Find your community

Some of the most well-known real estate agents stand out because they are actively involved in their community. You may even see some sponsoring big events. 

You may not have the tools to sponsor the local fair (yet), but making yourself known to the people who live in the area establishes you as a local, trustworthy name. 

Start off with community events like a movie night, a block party, or volunteering at a local charity. You can show off your infectious personality and real estate expertise everywhere you go. 

The more connections you make, including with other real estate agents, the better. 

4. Use professional photography

It’s true people have used their smartphones to capture gorgeous photographs and striking videos. 

But nothing beats the power of a professional real estate photographer who knows the ins and outs of how to create the best visual presentation of your house listings without clients setting foot in the door. 

When you hire a pro, you are guaranteed consistency and quality without compromise. 

How Virtuance can help you stand out in real estate

Virtuance’s photography services cover the time-consuming tough parts for you by organizing professional photographers and videographers for your next listing. 

HDReal® photo-processing algorithms enhance pro photos to make your listings truly pop. Best of all, continuously using our services saves time and effort while attracting future clients with stunning virtual open houses and drone photography.  


Overall, being a dynamite communicator, having an online and community presence, and using professional photography to showcase your listings make for great, modern real estate agents.

Making a unique presence in your community with events, relevant virtual resources, and consistently great photography on your listings can make you really stand out as a real estate agent. 

Be sure to highlight unique features of your listings to curate experiences for your ideal buyers.